Waiting on a letter from Yale(GEPN) and Columbia(ETP)??? - page 6

Hello fellow hopefuls!! I was just wondering if any of you are waiting on a interview letter for Yale's Fall 2006 GEPN Program or Columbia's Summer ETP program??? The waiting is unbearable! ... Read More

  1. by   bics

    good luck krystelllmarie!!!!!!!
  2. by   lovingpecola
    congratulations bics!!!!

    (and thanks!)

    she asked me if i was coming and i said "absolutely" just as simple as that. i guess i just decided. i think i had already decided, but was nervous that i wouldn't get in and so i was trying not to get my hopes up...
  3. by   krystellmarie
    nope - i wasn't accepted to yale... waitlisted!! i am honestly not upset, though, because it makes my decision to go to columbia a whole lot easier!!

    i knew that my interview was horrible - no "shadowing" experience, as my interviewer kept saying!!

    sharon justified it by saying that the fnp track is always very difficult...

    congrats bics and lovingpecola - but i hope you choose columbia (just being selfish)!!
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  4. by   lovingpecola
    Well krystellmarie, you were leaning more toward Columbia anyway!

    I am loving the smiley you chose of the finger waving! LOL

    I'm pretty sure I'm headed to YSN...it's all so surreal to me actually. I didn't find out about Columbia until last night and now today, Yale. What a 24 hours I've had.

    What a last few months we've all had!!!!!!
  5. by   krystellmarie
    I hope that we all keep in touch and update each other about our experiences!! We can start a new thread!!

    Also, I will still be coming to the area to visit my friends and you will have a place to stay in NYC!!

    Lovingpecola - what are you going to do about the financial aid situations and Yale??
  6. by   bics
    i didn't want to invite myself to your soon to be penthouse in nyc but if you're puttin' it out there!
    we will definitely start a new thread and track all of our new experiences!!!
    this is so crazy and yes, surreal...........but totally awesome!!!!

  7. by   lovingpecola
    Ah yes. The money, the money, the money. I will have it. Sacrifices. I don't qualify for private loans, so I will really be coming up with it myself. My husband and I have planned for this moment as much as we could...
  8. by   krystellmarie
    I am glad that you will be able to make it work, lovingpecola!! I feel that there is always a way to do it, if it is what you really want to do!! I will be in the same boat!!

    Of course you are invited to the penthouse (or closet) in NYC. I hope you don't mind standing up to sleep... :chuckle

    Bics, this is my favorite smilies ======> :biere: us singing and you passing out!!
  9. by   bics
    lol !
  10. by   lovingpecola
    You guys are too funny!!!!!!!
  11. by   Karotte
    Congrats to everyone on the acceptanes, and good luck making your decisions!

    So, do any of you know how long Yale gives you to decide? I applied to UCSF as well, and they won't postmark their decisions until March 1. That kind of put me in a bind, assuming Yale has a short period to decide.

    Anyone know?
  12. by   lovingpecola
    Hello Karotte!

    Yale says that the "acceptance fee" is due within three weeks of an offer. The official letters go out this friday...so I would guess that you have three starting monday...

  13. by   SaraQueSara
    I recieved my acceptance from Columbia last Monday, and Yale today...Now it is time for the big decision! Any thoughts from people who might be in the programs, or making the same decision?