Waiting on a letter from Yale(GEPN) and Columbia(ETP)??? - page 2

Hello fellow hopefuls!! I was just wondering if any of you are waiting on a interview letter for Yale's Fall 2006 GEPN Program or Columbia's Summer ETP program??? The waiting is unbearable! ... Read More

  1. by   lovingpecola
    I am leaning more towards Yale, but I am also seriously considering Columbia. My husband prefers NYC to CT, so that is a factor.

    I am planning to stay with a student (still waiting for them to get back to me) and I *WILL* be attending the potluck (if there are no flight delays) I should arrive on campus at 5:30 on Sunday...
  2. by   lovingpecola
    BUMMER. I finally received an email from the school saying that there is no more space to house interviewees...this sucks. I didn't even get my letter in time to get a space. So hotel fees here I come.
  3. by   Karotte

    I'm also interviewing for a spot in Yale's GEPN program, midwifery track. I received the letter from Yale after receiving a request to interview at UC-San Francisco, so I'll be in SF when Yale wants to meet me. I settled for a phone interview, which the lady I spoke with said was very common. I hope it doesn't put me at a disadvantage. All the best to you all, and if gain any insight at the orientations and potlucks, please post them!
  4. by   lovingpecola
    That sucks that your interviews conflict! Congrats on making to to the interview round of UCSF though!!! I was going to apply there but I didn't hear out it in time! When is your phone interview? Let us know how it goes! We will certainly post our experiences for you to read!
  5. by   missassy
    hello and congrats to all those who will be interviewing in the next few weeks! anyone interviewing on the 20th by chance? i will be making my way from sunny california and would love to meet/chat with anyone who'll be in the area from the 18-20th???
  6. by   lovingpecola
    I didn't there were so many interview days!!!

    Congrats on your interview!

    I am the 22-24th so no luck here!
  7. by   krystellmarie

    I live in the New Haven area and will be interviewing on the 19th. Are you going to the potluck on the 19th?

    It is COLD out here - so be prepared. I just came back from vacationing in Mexico and it is a rude awakening!! ugh!!

    Hope to meet you on the 19th!!
  8. by   lovingpecola
    karotte, when is your phone interview?

    kystellmarie, how cold is cold? i live in nebraska and "0" is cold, but "30" is not although we have been having unseasonably warm weather this winter in the 50's!!??!!

    omgosh you guys are interviewing this week!!!!!
  9. by   krystellmarie

    It has been around 5 degrees, with windchills of below zero... brrr!! Tomorrow will be 50, though! We have been having pretty unseasonably warm weather this winter as well...

    I can't believe I am interviewing in just 2 days - ugh!! I will let you know how it goes. I work less than a mile from the School of Nursing and live just 10 minutes away... pretty convenient.
  10. by   lovingpecola
    Ok, thanks krystellmarie!! That changes my wardrobe slightly!!!!!!!
  11. by   krystellmarie

    It is in the 50's today, with lots of rain and wind... Tomorrow is supposed to be around 40, and they're calling for the same through next week. So it should seem mild to you!!

    When are you flying out here? I will write on Friday to let you know how it went.... wish me luck!!
  12. by   lovingpecola
    good luck krystellmarie!!!!!!!!!!!
    you're a superstar!
    you can do it!
    knock 'em dead girl!
  13. by   lovingpecola
    Oh, I forgot to answer your question...

    I fly out on Sunday to Bradley airport then I have to ride to campus...so I should arrive on campus at 5:30 (just in time to attend the potluck at 6).

    I fly out on Tuesday at noon.