Vanderbilt Applicants?

  1. I am waiting to hear from Vanderbilt University. I have already been accepted into Columbia's program, but I am waiting to hear from Vanderbilt to make a decision. Are there any other applicants out there waiting? Does anyone know when we should be expecting acceptance letters? The waiting has been killing me!:trout:
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  3. by   hunnybaby24
    I have also applied to Vandy and am awaiting a response. They said within two weeks... I emailed them a week ago, so that was their response. I'm thinking mid February? Which one is your preference Columbia or Vanderbilt?

    Good luck!

  4. by   ChCkBzk
    I have been accepted to Vandy! Which is good, I didn't apply anywhere else!
  5. by   hunnybaby24
    Congrats! Did you visit the campus already? What area did you apply to? I haven't received news yet...

  6. by   ChCkBzk
    I have visited the campus and the area several times to see friends. Have you been there? I think it's so beautiful!! I applied to the Psych NP Direct Entry program, which one did you apply to?

    I got a phone call about a month ago for some special scholarship type things, so I had this sneaky suspicion then that I was getting in. I didn't really know though until after my interview. But, I don't think every track has to interview.
  7. by   hunnybaby24

    I applied to the Cardiovascular Disease Management ANP program. I haven't heard back yet. What BSN program did you go to?
  8. by   ChCkBzk
    I will be in the program for non-nurses, but I do have a psychology background. :spin:

    I have taken the rest of my pre-reqs over this school year so I am back in the school frame of mind.

    Speaking of........there is an A and P book calling my name. I think my life is revolving around my A and P test schedule! haha

    I do think everyone will know soon if they got in. Although I had one friend that didn't find out until June the year she applied. I don't know what the deal was though.
  9. by   hunnybaby24
    Greetings fellow vandy hopefuls!

    Have you been able to fill out the financial aid application for 2007-08?

    I went to this link....

    and the link for first year nursing students doesn't work. Has anyone else been able to fill this application out?

  10. by   hunnybaby24
    does vandy have a cut off for gpa and gre scores?
  11. by   ChCkBzk
    I haven't been able to fill out the form either. I keep wondering if I should email somebody to ask what I should do. Money sounds good to me!

    On the website it says something about a minimum composit GRE score of 1000 and something like a 4.5 on the essay part. Like many other graduate programs, I think that the GPA requirements are around a 3.0 or something like that to apply.
  12. by   hunnybaby24
    yeah thats what the website says, but does anyone know what they really look for? 3.5 GPA and above?

  13. by   FLAgal14
    I got into Vandy last year but didn't go (due to some financial reasons). But I have the impression that they look at more than just numbers - you have to have the minimum requirements as listed on their website but I think they look at the whole picture - your life experiences, your reasons to become a nurse, recommendations, etc... And I definately didn't have a 3.5 so thankfully that's not what is needed to get in
  14. by   MonYmonY
    Hi everyone! I just got into Vanderbilt's program this year (direct entry pediatric primary care specialty)!!! woohooo and congrats to everyone else.... but in regards to the grades, I definitly didn't have a high GPA... I had a 3.2 undergrad GPA and a 1100 GRE and 4.5 analytical writing score. So they must have liked my essay or something!!! Have any of you been to visit the school? Anyone going to the open house on march 3rd?