UVM or APU for Master's Entry Program?

  1. Hello there,

    I was accepted into University of Vermont for Fall 2012 and Azusa Pacific (in San Diego) for Summer 2013. The difference is about 9 months apart. I am from California and was very excited to stay in Cali, but when I found out that I won't be going to APU until next year, I was torn between the 2 choices.

    For one, I did a spreadsheet yesterday to see what the cost difference would be, and it seems like APU would cost much less. $80,000 less!! My tuition would be through the roof at UVM since I would be considered as an out-of-state student. I also accounted for transportation, meals, and rent. For example, flying back and forth from Vermont to Cali would cost me ~$500 each round trip, where San Diego would cost me ~$80. I also would prefer to stay in Sunny SD rather than tread through 6 months of winter at Vermont. SD also seemed to have better opportunities for having a life outside of school than Vermont.

    However, I don't think costs and choice of environment should be the deciding factor. I wanted you guy's opinions to see which is the better school. Vermont ranks higher than APU. Vermont is also a bigger University with its own Hospital. I think both programs are good from what I've read but I haven't decided which is better. I've spoken to the doctor I'm working for, and he said that usually you usually get what you pay for. But Vermont costs more mostly because I would be out-of-state. If I was an in state student, the cost for tuition would be roughly the same.

    If this were you, what would you do?
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  4. by   leenak
    Personally, my only concern with APU would be the religious affiliation (which may or may not be your concern).

    Are you doing the direct entry programs because those seem vastly different? With University of Vermont being an NP program and APU being an RN program unless I'm missing something.
  5. by   chiflavored
    Oh no, sorry if it wasn't clear. Both are direct entry programs. They are both 3.5 years and upon graduating I would be a Nurse Practitioner. I've spoken to APU and the religious affiliation is not very direct in graduate programs. Past students say that it should not be a problem.