UT Tyler MSN/MBA Spring 2018

  1. Hi all!

    I got accepted into the MSN/MBA online dual degree program at UT Tyler for Spring 2018!
    I wanted to start this topic to touch base with anyone that got into the same program as me as well as share any information I can to help anyone that may be inquiring about this program.

    I was in an Adult NP program prior to getting accepted into this program and completed 3 grad courses before applying (Adv Patho, Adv Pharm, and Theory) but decided against the NP route, realizing afterwards that I'm not really passionate about that career route.

    I applied without taking the GMAT. I got full acceptance into the MSN program and provisional acceptance into the MBA portion of it. I will get full acceptance once I take the GMAT and make the score they require of me. I can take the GMAT at any point between now and before the end of the first semester, before I register for 2nd semester courses.

    My advisors (for both MSN and MBA) have been very attentive and prompt at responding to emails and seem very helpful. Even when I call the Cashier's office to inquire about bills the people who answer seem very positive and ready to help. So far my experience with this program and school has been great, but as you know, I haven't even started yet.

    I plan on taking 2 courses a semester until completion, roughly 3 full years. That may change. My advisor was flexible.

    Hope this information helps for anyone looking into this online program.
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  3. by   Belle7788
    Hi thank you so much for posting this is exactly what I have been looking for. I've been debating for the past how many years on whether or not to go the msn/mba route or msn np and have finally decided that the leadership administrative route is the best place for me. What I'm worried about is if I would be able to get accepted. If you don't mind me asking a little bit about your background? Did you previously have any supervisory positions? I want to be able to apply and hopefully get in for the fall 2018 term and am willing to get any certifications or experiences that would boosts my chances. I have my bsn and ccrn with 3 years of critical care experience am currently working as a disaster response nurse. Any information would be greatly appreciated!
  4. by   mm1220
    Hey! I think that's great experience!

    I have two years of ICU experience (Level 1 Surg/Trauma ICU and then CV/Neuro ICU) and then 2.5 years of Endoscopy experience after that. I have been Charge in Endo but that's about it. I think what helped my application was the fact that I took 3 Master's courses before applying. There is also a personal statement that you need to submit and I felt I wrote a strong statement. Hard to say honestly what the deciding factor is because I had the same fears as you.

    Oh yes, once I joined Endo, I joined the UBC (as Co-Chair), Staff Nurse Council, and Best Care Committee, where CNO,CEO, Surgery Director, Infection control, all the heads, meet together and discuss quarterly issues. I was given the opportunity to attend representing GI Lab and report our audits and trends. I do audits and submit reports for GI Lab to my supervisor monthly. I mentioned all this in my personal statement so I want to say it helped.

    Once I started doing all that administrative stuff and attending that Best Practice meeting I decided that this is the route for me.

    I would assume they would want to see what efforts you've made to show that you want to be a part of the big picture. Hope this helps