UT Arlington MSN-FNP May 2017

  1. Hey, I'm applying for the UTA FNP online program starting May 22, 2017. Anyone else applying for this term? I was hoping if we get in we can plan a study/vent group! Hope to hear from someone
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  3. by   Imasocial
    I start August 14th, 2017 with UT-Arlington FNP online program.
  4. by   caitrod2016

    When did you apply and when did you find out you were accepted? I'm still waiting to find out. I heard sometimes people don't find out until 2 weeks before classes start! But if you already found out you got accepted for August, that's pretty early. Fingers crossed!
  5. by   Imasocial
    Oh wow, 2 weeks before classes is a little extreme. I started the process on February 23,2017. When did you apply?
  6. by   caitrod2016
    I applied in March
  7. by   caitrod2016
    Found out I was accepted for May 22, 2017 start date. Looking for anyone else starting the same time!
  8. by   Imasocial
    I found out I was put down to start in April. Now I know why I was accepted so early. I changed it to August.
  9. by   joniedcr
    I am finishing the RN-BSN this week and applied in March for May 22 start date. Still waiting to hear back...was told, should hear back from them this week.
  10. by   caitrod2016
    Awesome, joniedcr! Let me know what happens, maybe we can be study buddies!
  11. by   Tdittman
    Hey Caitrod2016, I am enrolled for the May 22 start date, I would love to get involved in a group too!
  12. by   DianeHuber
    I just applied last week but won't be starting until the fall. So, you will be a few classes ahead of me. I did my RN-BSN with the UTA online program. I think it will help that I am already familiar with how the classes are structured and the Blackboard.

    Good luck and congratulations!
  13. by   Imasocial
    I start August 14th, 2017.
  14. by   Tdittman
    Thank you! Good luck to you as well