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The interview is in a few weeks and I was wondering if anyone could give me a few pointers. I know the current students are probably too busy to respond to this, but any help would be greatly... Read More

  1. by   Sandman2855
    Congratulations Dizzymisslizzy and Caligirl. I got in too! Not sure where I am gonna go. I still need to hear from schools UCLA, UCSF etc.. I already put down a deposit at one school (Western). I dont wanna have to put more until I know where Im going!
  2. by   DizzyMissLizzy9
    congrats sandman

    how were your guys' interviews? my group one went well, but ugh, the individual one! it was SO short, i felt like a blubbering idiot trying to get what i wanted to say out

    and caligirl, i do LOVE san diego.. but would love to see more of the world since i've been in socal all my life. i have until mar 29th to decide for columbia, but USD's decision date is just around the corner (the 5th!!)... yikes! still waiting to hear from UCLA too....
  3. by   Sandman2855
    My interviewer told me to reapply next year if I didn't get in at the end of my interview! This was completely unsolicited advice so it made me worry she knew something I didn't so I was surprised that I got in. It was definitely nerveracking knowing it was 50% of the admission decision.
  4. by   DizzyMissLizzy9
    WOW... that would have made me worry too! glad that they made the right decision for you then!
  5. by   AutoRotate
    I also got accepted. It's a huge weight off of my shoulders because I wasn't sure how competitive I was for admission. There were so many impressive people at the interview...
  6. by   Sandman2855
    Congratulations autorotate! I felt the same way during the interview. What a relief!
  7. by   CaliGirlD
    has anyone received a paper letter yet or just email?
  8. by   DizzyMissLizzy9
    Just got the letter yesterday. Postmarked Feb 22.
  9. by   Sandman2855
    I just declined acceptance to USD I decided I will go to UCLA instead I hope whoever takes my spot has a great experience!
  10. by   cnszja
    Quote from Sandman2855
    I just declined acceptance to USD I decided I will go to UCLA instead I hope whoever takes my spot has a great experience!
    I'm on the wait-list at USD so hopefully that moves me up a bit. Did you already hear from UCLA? I know letter are supposed to go out this week.
  11. by   hippiechick
    Hi AllisonHillary. I am reading through these posts regarding USD's MEPN program and realized you didn't get in--sorry

    I am applying this year, but am concerned because my GRE scores low. Do you know how much influence that has. My GPA and everything else is great, but i'm a little nervous. Do you know why you were turned down?
  12. by   hippiechick
    Hi AllisonHillary. I recently applied to the MEPN program at USD. I just read your post about not being accepted last year--so sorry

    I was wondering if you could tell me what your academic profile was like. My undergrad GPA is around 3.2 and my pre-requisite GPA is a little higher. But my GRE scores are not good at all.

    Do you know why you were not accepted? I'm really nervous!!!

    Anything you can tell me would be really helpful.

    Thank you!
  13. by   cnszja

    I applied to USD last year (it was my 1st choice), was asked to interview, and then was waitlisted but did not get in. My stats were as follows: 3.2 undergrad gpa, pre-req gpa somewhere in the 3.4 range, GRE Math 680/English 490. Hope that helps. If you get an interview, make sure you prep well on the topics they give you and make sure you know why you want to go into nursing, as those are the only things they concentrate on in the interview. Good luck!

    PS I am now at CSULA; if you don't get in at USD, someone will take you :-)

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