USD MEPN Interview tips?? - page 2

The interview is in a few weeks and I was wondering if anyone could give me a few pointers. I know the current students are probably too busy to respond to this, but any help would be greatly... Read More

  1. by   javabean
    Oh congrats!! Me too. See you guys there Do you guys have any idea what percentage of interviewees USD accepts or what percentage is invited to interview?...just curious
  2. by   Sandman2855
    Don't know. I'd like to know also. Maybe the interview is just a formality to make sure you're not psycho (wishful thinking)
  3. by   DizzyMissLizzy9
    I don't know either i do know from going to their open house, and like the e-mail mentions, that a good part of your acceptance factors in your performance in the 2 interviews. i've never done a group interview before!

    btw my name's liz, i live in pacific beach in san diego. graduated from ucsd in '08 with a BS in psychology, currently work as a research assistant at a hospital... i'd like to get into psych/mental health nursing as my specialty.

    what are your names and where are you from? what specialty are you interested in? it's nice to get to know people we might be studying with in several months!
  4. by   AspiringNurse1303
    Hi All. I just noticed this post. I too received an invitation to interview on February 12-13. I wonder if there is only one interview date? To me, that would be a good sign. I am very curious as to their post-interview acceptance rate. If anyone knows or has thoughts please post!
  5. by   allisonhillary
    Congrats to those of you who got interviews at USD! My application wasn't accepted But best of luck to you!!!
  6. by   DizzyMissLizzy9
    Hi everyone! Just wanted to start up the thread again since the interviews are THIS WEEKEND! Have you all been thinking over the topics that we are expected to talk about?

    I'm a bit nervous about them, but I suppose being yourself is the best thing you can do for an interview
  7. by   CaliGirlD
    I hope to meet some of you at the interviews this weekend! I'm nervous but ready so bring it on! =)
  8. by   hilife808
    How many do they generally accept does anyone know?
  9. by   CaliGirlD
    50 in each cohort
  10. by   DizzyMissLizzy9
    i got in! updates, people!
  11. by   CaliGirlD
    I'm in too! YAY!!!!!!
  12. by   DizzyMissLizzy9
    YAY! congrats!!

    are you accepting right away and putting down your deposit?

    I am waiting because I am deciding between USD and Columbia... they are both great schools, but their programs are very different!

    my head hurts!
  13. by   CaliGirlD
    I'm giving myself a day or so to be sure before I contact them... I'm still waiting to hear from another school but I think I'd rather be in San Diego

    how much time do you have to decide?

    oh and congratulations to you!