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Anyone applied to and/or have heard from the University of South Alabama Psych NP for Masters or BSN-DNP online for Spring 2012? Anyone with experience with this program and would like to share... Read More

  1. by   CheezheadFLRN
    Hello. I was just reading through this thread. I find it funny that you started the thread asking for information on the program and ended the thread providing the information on the program. I have recently been looking for an online psych MSN program. I was told by a friend that I should apply for USA and after researching it, the program looks like it would fit my needs. When I first started reading threads on allnurses I became very discouraged because there was nothing but negative feedback. This thread has helped to ease some of that anxiety, but it has been several years since people started posting information about the program as well. Can you provide additional information on the program (before I apply)? It seems the biggest concern with the program has been a certain professor. Is this professor still teaching there today? Has anything in the program changed/improved for the better since you were in it? Any advice you can provide? I would be working full-time nights while in the program. Unfortunately I dont have the option of reducing my hours as I support myself and have a mortgage. Good news, I am a psych RN already and have several connections in this area for preceptors, I would just need to make sure the hospital is on board (Jacksonville, FL). I have worked both adult psych and peds psych in this hospital and we have a psych NP here, so I think that will work in my benefit. How often were you required to be on campus? I know many of the schools require you to fly in at least once for an orientation or clinical exams. Any hidden tuition costs? How much did the entire program cost you, approx? Did you receive any scholarships or award money? Did you get quick responses from professors when asking questions? Im sure I will think of more questions, but any information you can give would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  2. by   CheezheadFLRN

    Hello. I see its been over a year since you were going to withdraw from the program. Are you able to provide any information on your experiences with the program now? Did you end up attending another online program, and if so where? and what is your experience with the new school if you did attend another one? Any info you can provide would be greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   rajan2
    I applied to USA a year ago and was turned down. I don't know anything about their program other than what I have read.
  4. by   Ambitious_RN
    Are you required to have any psych experience prior to applying to this program? I have 3 years of Med/Surg nursing experience.
  5. by   Nursing girl28
    I am interested in applying to USA'S Bsn-dnp pmhnp program so I was delighted to come across your posts. By the way, how much was the cost per credit hr? It states on their website that it costs around $481 but I called to find out the total costs to avoid surprises. I know that there are mandatory fees so I called USA but couldn't get a direct answer.
    Thanks so much.
  6. by   ClusterB
    I am currently in the PMHNP program at USA. The tuition is right at 500 a credit hour when it's all said and done. I expect to pay $1500 per 3 credit hour class.

    Yes, you must have 2 years experience in your chosen speciality before you can start clinicals (about one year in).

    Hope this helps!
  7. by   Nursing girl28
    Thanks PsychiatricJill! How's the program so far? Are you left to figure it out on your own or are the instructors or your advisor prompt in getting back to you with any questions that you have.
    Thanks again.
  8. by   ClusterB
    The courses are very much self taught, BUT I have had every question answered I have ever asked in a very quick manner. Once you get used to doing the instruction all your own, you will like it more. In the beginning I thought that I had made a mistake. One year later, I am glad that it is the program I am in.
  9. by   Nursing girl28
    Thanks so much PsychiatricJill for answering my questions. I submitted my application via NursingCAS yesterday so fingers crossed on that end. I will mail in my supplementation application form some time next week. Thanks again!
  10. by   nigeria8509
    im trying to apply to the same program. how is the program. pls inbox me at . pls need as many information as possible