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i applied to the dnp program at the university of south alabama (usa). i am extremely excited, but was wondering what are some of the stats of people that have previously been accepted to the... Read More

  1. by   led09211

    I am also joining the Fall 2011 ENP-DNP class. And of course would LOVE to network prior to the orientation. I asked the program director if there was any sort of process in place for this and no dice. Hope all is well and look forward to meeting everyone!

  2. by   karinnmt
    Quote from greergary
    Hey Hope!

    Thanks for the encouraging post. I've chosen the Adult Gerontological Primary Care NP. I am so excited! I've been in primary care for over five years. I love it.

    See you in August!

    Hey Greer,

    We are in the same group it seems. Looking forward to meeting you in August! Are you already in Mobile? It sounds like many of the students are coming from different states. I did my undergrad at USA CON and I'm excited about returning for the DNP. The new CON looks great!

  3. by   Tiny_Toes_RN
    Hello, I was accepted to the DNP-NNP program for the Fall 2011 semester!! Does anyone have any information or reviews of the Neonatal program? Looking forward to starting classes and meeting fellow students...
  4. by   Equus419
    I just finished my 3rd semester with USA DNP...
    My biggest complaint with USA is that I am a very information needy person (a "West" / planning personality by their orientation testing) - most of the instructors fell into "East" /big picture. Orientation was spent in a lecture-type setting learning about praxis, mind mapping, learning styles, and about the biomedical library - all things that will help you write papers, etc. The down side is that I didn't get any of the information "I" needed - about the final project, types of assignments, how the classes were set up, additional costs, etc. - one year down and the slow dole-out of information is still my biggest beef - for *me*, everything seems very last minute (but I am from Michigan and perhaps that is a North/South geographical difference?)
    We did briefly at the end of one day break up into our specialty groups so we could meet & greet with each other and the specialty coordinator.
    Orientation(s) are broken out by specialty, with each group going at a different time (when you are ready to start clinicals), and then the big orientation each fall for new students.
    There are great people in the program - there is a good, supportive group on facebook (search: USA DNP) - they are sanity touch-stones and very helpful with info.
    Congrats to you all - there is help if you merely ask! You will make great friends with some of those you meet.
  5. by   Equus419
    PS- I am in the BSN-DNP Advanced Emergency Nursing (FNP/Adult gerontological acute care dual role). It is not 'just' for ED :-)
    It is really developed for rural practitioners since you may not have as many 'specialities' available and may need to serve a much broader populace.
  6. by   ShugRN2010
    @ Greergary: I would love your advice, information, and opinion on the Adult/Gero Primary Care NP @ USA! I'm currently in the program and will starting clinicals in Aug 2012. I never see anyone post about the primary care NP program. I'm very excited and anxious.

  7. by   jrmcdoug2
    I would have to agree that just reading chapters and taking a test every two weeks doesn't work for me. The online factor doesn't bother me but for classes like advanced assessment and pathophys, I am not sure that this least for me. I am reevaluating as well......

    Quote from magnolia nurse
    I was accepted in the NP program and very disappointed.. it is online and you are given chapters to read and take test every two weeks with no discussion in between by anyone except the other students regarding the study questions.. I went to University of Phoneix for MSN and MBA so I am use to taking online courses.. anyway I dropped.. and trying to evaluate if this is something i really want to do or should I just go to another program..
    but good luck to all of you.. your this is my experience.. it may work for you..
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    I am curious to know more about some of the items you mentioned such as additional costs, final project, what to expect of the 1st year classes, which professors to try to take (or not), how easy or hard is it to get classes during registration...

    Please post or PM me if you don't mind. I don't know my "personality" type but I don't particularly care for surprises My pitiful need for control.

    Otherwise, I am very excited about getting started
  9. by   StefO
    I am applying to the BSN-DNP program with the dual role track, and am wondering what your experience has been. I have been in critical care setting for 4 years now and want to be able to practice with all ages and I think this is the best way to do that. Correct me if I'm wrong though. I want to be an NP and don't want to have to go back for another degree ever again, lol. I love the acute care aspect as I am young and enjoy the hospital setting, but I know as a get older I will want to be able to work with a doctor in the office setting. Do you think my ideas align with what this program offers?
    Thank you
  10. by   sheronep
    My first class has been interesting. You have to be an independant learner..
  11. by   led09211
    Hey there

    I am getting ready to finish my first year in the BSN-DNP ED dual role 12d to be exact. I think you are exactly on track with your thought process. Mine was similar when I applied, although my plan is to get the most generic, marketable degree so I can go sit on some far off embassy when I am old :-) I was a bit intimidated when I applied and did not think I would get accepted based on my experience....9yrs total nursing experience with only one in the ED, and a small ED at that. But everyone I met at the orientation had slim to no ED experience and most didn't even work in an acute care setting.

    As for my experience so far....I like it. You definitely have to be motivated to self learn, which works for me. I never got much out of traditional, lecture-style methods. I am doing the 4yr track (for a few reasons) and the first two semesters were very writing intensive. After I learned how to scholarly write again in the first semester, the second semester was relatively easy. This summer, I have been taking 3 classes and it's MUCH busier but totally doable.

    As much as I complained about going to the mandatory orientation (I was living in Germany at the time and didn't think the $$ to get there would be worth it), it has been useful in terms of networking, meeting other students, study buddies, etc. Not sure if you are a facebooker but there are some sites that people created on there for the program. Although, I try not to read too much of them because complaining, stress, etc. The program is so far completely doable, even while working full time. Nothing is overly's like undergrad, it's a lot of work but not necessarily hard work.

    I have no idea how to PM on this site....if you need more info, feel free to shoot me an email:

    Best of luck to you!

  12. by   Equus419
    I have since tansferred OUT of the dual specialty. I am in the Adult/Gerontology Primary Care track now. I made it up to the second full year but was unable to get a contract between the healthcare group and the college in a timely manner to begin clinicals - so now I start primary care clinicals in 2 months.

    My single biggest suggestion to anyone would be to take the Advanced Nursing Assessment class somewhere else (Master's level). The way it is set up at USA it is highly anxiety ridden, stressful and of little overall value due to the speed you go through it (only offered in an 8 week summer course and you do the whole book; plus a video taped assessment with all these parameters due in the first half of the semester <which doesn't make a lot of sense, it really should be the 'final' of the class> - Anyway, I would suggest taking this BEFORE you get into the USA program if at all possible.

    As to if its the "best" program... I went into the dual because I wanted the most generic too (broadest opportunities) - however, it turns out I HATE peds. I also was frustrated by the singular focus on ED - as at least in our area, primary care is really where the opportunities are for NPs and the ED positions are all direct 'underlings' to an MD/DO.
  13. by   WKShadowRN
    I'm filling out my NursingCAS now. I hope I get in!!!