UCLA NP program Fall 2013

  1. Hey all, Starting this thread to find out if anyone else has applied to ucla's np program starting this fall 2013. I applied for Acute care np. Would love to find out who has what information. Best of luck
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  3. by   nurselyfe4115
    Hi mnmary! I too applied to UCLA's ACNP program! Have you checked your decision status online yet? I heard that they've already sent out some rejection letters and just sent out acceptance/wait list letters on March 1. Where are you from? I'm from Illinois so I'll have to wait awhile for any sort of letter, the waiting is unbearable!!
  4. by   mnmary
    Hey! Mine says submitted..... So unbearable uh. I just wanna know now
  5. by   mnmary
    I'm from LA..
  6. by   Benjie007
    I applied to the MSN/FNP option at UCLA. Submitted my application on 1/27. Just checked the mail and haven't received anything yet. Cue the crickets. ::chirp, chirp::
  7. by   Benjie007
    How do you check the decision status online??
  8. by   nurselyfe4115

    Type in you email, click the Fall-2013 button, type in your password, press continue, then it should tell you your status (so far it's just been telling people they've either been rejected or a decision has not been made yet, meaning your either on the waitlist or admitted). Sorry this is so long!
  9. by   mnmary
    I checked the site , it says submitted.... What does it say for you all? Any acceptance/rej?
  10. by   nurselyfe4115
    mnmary, did you click on the Fall-2013 part under application term? I also thought my just said submitted until I actually clicked the term and then it had me type in my password to get to my "letter"
  11. by   murse89
    Hi everyone! I applied for the AGNP program for fall 2013 and am also anxiously waiting to hear back about my admission status. I saw that the MECN students did start receiving their acceptance letters via snail mail on March 1st. I was wondering if anyone knew whether that was just limited to MECN students or for all of the Masters programs? This is my first time applying so I don't know how it was for the previous years.

    Also, just wondering if anyone else applied to other california schools? I applied to UCSF too but still haven't heard back from them either.

    Good luck to all of you!
  12. by   mnmary
    Moicurn4115, thanks! It says no decision yet. Did u get in?? Best if luck
  13. by   Benjie007
    Mine says:

    To date, no decision has been made on your application. You may want to check the Application Status page to see if the department or program has listed any items that are missing from your file.

    Please note that most decisions on graduate admissions for fall term are made in the months of March and April and therefore you should not anticipate a decision much before that time period.

    In the mean time, I'm hedging my bet and applying to a couple other programs. Just in case. Lol.
  14. by   Rhythsetradio
    Hey Guys, I applied way back in November for the FNP path. I imagine that... we should start to hear something half way through March shortly after the MECN students, since they are probably rolling out letters per program shortly after each other and perhaps it is budget reasons to make sure they get the most they can. Some individuals I know already in the program have told me they didn't hear back till the end of march... another beginning of April! I am very excited... and hoping for the best for all of us!! I am curious how many people they are admitting per program but they never said in the information session from what I remember.