uab grads?

  1. im thinking about going to UAB to get my MSN but ive heard that the BSN program is awful (hard and mean).

    i currently go to jeff state and will be graduating in May (YESSSS!!)

    im looking for opinions on whether or not this is a good school to get my MSN or is there a better school in the birmingham area.

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  3. by   BCRNA
    If you would be willing to drive up to huntsville then UAH has a really nice program. And you can get away with just doing electives instead of a thesis. At least you could a few years ago if they haven't changed it. UA tuscaloosa is nice also. I don't know if Samford has a NP program, but there tuition alone would make it not worth it. UAH is about 1.5 hours from UAB. UAB likes to be on the "top 10" lists. They do press academics alot more than some schools because of this. And I find that nursing schools that have career PhD researchers are much more intense on the theory and research classes they teach. UAB does a great job with their NP program.

    What do you want your MSN specialty to be? That could make a big difference on where to go. Many MSN programs are making their classes mainly online.
  4. by   UMAshtangi
    I just graduated from the NP program (MSN) at UAB. It was hard, but doable. I thought that, overall, the instructors were helpful. Like most nursing schools things can get chaotic, but if you stay on top of what you are supposed to do then things get done. There was no thesis for us; we did a comp exam during the final semester.
  5. by   flgirl75
    I completed the BSN program at UAB. It was challenging, but doable. They are big on APA formatted research papers and discussion posts. Almost every class had a research paper or teaching project of some sort. I found the teachers really know their stuff and are extremely supportive. I am currently in the ANP MSN program at UAB and would recommend it to anyone.
  6. by   snigliazzo
    Have y'all heard anything about UAB's DNP program?

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