special gift for new PhD

  1. I have a special friend, whom has been my mentor for quite a few years. I want to get her something special for her graduation. She has defended her disscertation already :hatparty: , but graduation is next week. Any thoughts or ideas?
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  3. by   llg
    How much money are you talking about?

  4. by   llg
    Upon further reflection ... I'm thinking that any particular "thing" that she could go buy at the store and will some day wear out is probably not the best idea. Instead, you might try to get her a memento that will last forever.

    For example, you might get her a good picture of her hooding ceremony and have it nicely framed ... or a good picture of her in all her new academic regalia (especially if it is rented and she has to give it all back.) For most PhD graduation ceremonies, the big symbolic thing is to be granted the privelege of wearing the full academic regalia of the university -- the formal robes, the full length hoods (as opposed to the half-length hoods of the Master's graduates), the fancier hats, honor braids, etc. If that is the case at her school, then doing something to preserve that moment for posterity would be a very appropriate gift.

    Arranging (and paying for) having her diploma framed might also be a nice gift. I assume she will have an office in which in would be appropriate to hang a diploma. For me and my friends, getting that PhD was a more profound experience than the BSN's and MSN's. The moment called for serious markers of the ocassion as opposed to lighter, fun stuff.