SFSU gMSN (masters-entry) vs BSN

  1. Hello I'm debating between applying to SFSU gMSN or BSN, you can only apply to one program. I'm kind of confused what I would do with a general masters degree in nursing...I'm not sure if a lot of schools would offer a post-masters certificate in Family NP? Also my GPA sucks, around a 3.0, do I have a better chance at getting in the gMSN? Maybe they look at other things? I have a BA from a pretty competitive undergrad with a lot of science classes.
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  3. by   RainieRN
    I graduated from the gMSN program a long time ago. It was the best educational decision that I have made. I absolutely LOVE the program and am glad I did the MSN program than the BSN program. It was competitive getting accepted but they only count your last 20 something units for your calculated GPA. Thank goodness because I didn't do so hot my freshman year in college! I would be more than happy to talk to you about the program and I am sure things have changed too. I had planned to go to nursing school right after I graduated my undergrad but I did not get into my first choice which was SFSU. I got into 3 other schools but I decided to wait, take a year off from school and apply the following year. I completed the MSN program on time, worked as a RN while finishing my MSN as a CNS. I even went back and got my FNP too. Let me know if I can advise in any way.
  4. by   fancyeyes
    thanks, I've decided to apply to SFSU masters entry program, but I don't really like that it's a "general" masters...I'm not really sure what you would do with that...or how hard it is to get into a "post-certificate program"
  5. by   RainieRN
    it's really not "general" it's a master's in nursing, you can focus on CNS and I think now they have an option to do the FNP track too. 3 of my classmates opted to do the FNP track in our second year (that was the first year that they offered it to us) the rest of us got clinical nurse specialist (i think). A year after I graduated from the MSN program, I went and did a post-certification program and got my FNP. I went to SFSU for that too. I also got into USF, Samuel Marritt and few other schools but I chose to go to SFSU because it was cheap and I already knew the system. I had an excellent experience during my post-master program. I don't think it would be that hard. I would say most of my classmates are working as floor nurses, by choice, some are FNPs, some are doing case management, some work in outpatient clinic and some also teach clinicals. There is so much you can do with a RN license. It doesn't matter how you get it...BSN, MSN or ADN. I guess it ultimately what you want to do in the future. Plus make sure that you want to stay in California. Licensing is different in other states. The nursing profession is changing and they are changing a lot of requirements. I work at a facility that as of last year, any ADN nurses that get hired will need to go back to get their BSN. Currently ADN nurses are being asked to go back to school. Most management have to have a BSN or higher. A few colleges in this state have dropped their MSN program and encourage advance practice nurses to get their DNP. I am not sure what your goals are but it would help you decide on what degree you want. Plus, I think financial aid rather give/borrow money to a student who is getting a higher degree with a BA/BS than a student who is trying to get another BA/BS, (like Pell grants and scholarships).