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Hi Everyone, I haven't seen this thread yet and as the application date (July 1) looms closer I thought I would start one. I am interested to know who is applying, what your undergraduate degree of... Read More

  1. by   JeninCA
    Quote from yay123
    Hi All, I am interested in applying for the ELMSN FNP Oakland this cycle. I have a question regarding the goal statement format. Are the statements double or single spaced? The application only indicates a maximum of 2 pages but does not say anything about spacing. I contacted the admissions counselor by email and phone but no response. Thank you so much for your help! Good luck everyone!
    Personally, I did double spaced because I feel it is easier to read. I think either way is acceptable. Good luck!!
  2. by   dardymomma
    I did single spaced.
  3. by   KC613
    I used 1.25 spacing with a 12 serif font. To each his own.
  4. by   Sisyer2
    Hi yay123

    I double spaced my goal statement, using 1 inch margins and 12 point font - just like I would do for a college essay. Since they don't give specific guidelines, I am sure whatever you choose will be fine! Good luck!
  5. by   ALXiong
    Good luck to people who are interviewing tomorrow.
  6. by   JeninCA
    Good luck to everyone interviewing today. Let us know how it goes.
  7. by   KC613
    So, today is the day! I can't wait to meet the other applicants who will be interviewing with me today. Very exciting! Maybe they will offer all of us early admission. LOL Good Luck!

  8. by   dardymomma
    Good luck to everyone interviewing today!!
  9. by   lenaelle
    Hi everyone! How did the interviews go?
  10. by   JeninCA
    Did they give an indication how many people applied? How many are being interviewed? When we are all getting accepted? Do tell
  11. by   KC613
    As expected none of the above info was given about the number of applicants, interviewed, etc. Acceptance calls/emails should go out by the end of the month (for our group at least). Denials and waitlist letters will go out soon after the acceptance emails. No real specifics on this just basic info. Sorry

    The interview went well. All of the applicants were absolutely amazing and so accomplished, what a great group. The interview was much more of a relaxed environment than I was expecting and after a few minutes I was able to relax. I have to say that the advice of 'just be yourself' really is the best advice for this type of interview. They already have your resume, background, etc and they know want to put a face, personality, etc with the paperwork.

    For all of those who have not interviewed...breathe and try to relax. No tricks or off-the-wall questions. Everything is very straight-forward. Enjoy.
  12. by   Teamleon
    Hey everyone,
    I applied for my first time to the ELMSN-FNP program and received a call last Sunday from Lisa for an interview. However, I live in Redlands, CA and I am flying out for my interview on Sept 15th. "KC613"... along with everyone else who interviewed, how many people interviewed in your group, etc... Any certain pointers or points of knowledge you can give me for this Saturday.
  13. by   KC613
    I wish that I could give more info about the interview but I really can't. My group had 12 people in the interview which at first was intimidating but turned out to work really well. Just remember to try to relax when you walk in. The interviewers are nice and just really want to get to know who you are and how you interact with others, etc. Remember: they are trying to pick only 21 people to be in this program which means that they are picking 21 people to become a part of their 'family' for the next 3 1/2 years. I was reflecting and afterwards I was not sure why I had been so nervous because I felt really good when I left the interview. If you go in with a positive attitude, be ready to listen and be ready to give your thoughts/opinions then you will do fine.

    Good Luck!!!