Sam Merritt FNP program

  1. This program is 5 yrs long??? Wowie.
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    Hey "Berkeley Mom" ....It's me "Bertolozzi" ....just found out I was accepted at CSU-EB nursing I have some thinking to do about my Samuel Merrit seat (case management) which as you know I've already saved with a deposit.

    I'm probably going to give it up--as a mom of three you know that expense and proximity in pursuit of the RN are major issues for me. Although I do plan on going to SM eventually for my Masters It will make it easier to give up deposit thinking that $$$ is going to support your education (smile). Hope all is well with you and yours.

    Remeber to spend the summer filling up everyone's tank, including yours!

    Many blessings
    Your all nurses friend
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    Quote from BerkeleyMom
    Okay, I am a little bit confused. There was another posting here from megamiepona, with some questions for me, and now it has disapeared ... anyone?
    Hey Berkeley Mom,

    I really dont know what happened with my earlier posting. It's either I unconsciously clicked the delete post button or there was a glitch in the system. *shrugs* Anyways, just to repost, I first wanted to thank ya for always offering a helping hand everyone. I greatly appreciate the advice you offer to everyone!

    Also, I'd like to clarify my previous post about the ELMSN-FNP prog at Sam Merritt. I was browsing through Sam Merritt's website and found that the FNP program is 5 yrs long. But I was wrong. Thanks for the clarification.

    Furthermore, I'd also like to know how you like Sam Merritt's nursing school environment? I haven't had a chance to visit the school myself but will soon enough. Is it really small? I heard that a huge part of the school is on school grounds?

    Thanks again BerkleyMom!

    Lastly, congratulations Bertolozzi on your acceptance and best of luck to ya!

    Ciao for now.
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    Hi all!

    I'm applying to a few master's entry programs this year and have been working on goal statement outlines. I am intending to apply to Samuel Merritt and was wondering if anyone knew what traits the admissions committee looks for in their applicants. I know that some schools really like to see community service in their applicants, and others give extra points to leadership activities. It would be greatly appreciated if anybody knew or just had some helpful info.

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    Thanks for all the info, BerkeleyMom!
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    Hi BerkeleyMom,

    I recall you mentioning that you applied to both the accelerated BS nursing program in addition to the MSN program. I'm thinking about applying to the accelerated BS nursing program as well but wasn't sure where to take some of the prereqs. IN particular, I wanted to know where you took pathophysiology and pharmacology? I was wondering if you took them at community colleges? I know sfsu has the pharmacology course one particular semester a year but as for pathophys, i'm not too sure where you can take that course. i prefer a school in the bay area. thanks again berkeley mom!
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