Post-Masters for Non-MSN Graduate Degree

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    I'm currently doing my prerequisites for a Concurrent Enrollment ADN-BSN program. I currently work in project management and don't love it, hence the change. I also currently have my MBA, as well as two other undergrads.

    I was just wondering if, once I get my BSN, will I be able to become a Nurse Practitioner by getting a Post-Master's NP Certification or whether I will have to do an entire MSN-NP program.

    I've tried googling this, but most of the returns are about the benefits of having an MSN/BSN and an MBA, or links to schools that offer both, or advertisements for Nursing programs.

    I appreciate anyone who is able to answer this and provide supporting links or documentation.
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  3. by   elkpark
    The post-Master's certificate programs in nursing are all designed for people who hold an MSN and have completed the core nursing graduate courses (that are common to all MSNs). Someone with a BSN and a Master's in a different discipline would not be eligible.

    Have you looked at the eligibility requirements for post-Master's certificates at schools of nursing in which you're interested? I would think that would the quickest way to answer your question.

    Best wishes for your journey!
  4. by   tinsleyjf
    That's a fair point. Based on what I've found so far, you've pretty much confirmed what I was thinking. I was just hopeful that someone had seen or heard of one. I'm currently sitting at 80/20 on doing the concurrent enrollment for my BSN over a MSN. The reason for this is that from what I can tell, starting salary for an entry level nurse is going to be roughly the same, regardless of whether they have either a BSN or MSN.

    Secondly, many of the programs I've found that have post-grad certs for NP are only a few months shorter than a full MSN-NP program, and cost roughly the same.

    My eventual goal is the DNP, but I do not plan on trying for that straight out the gate, wanting to work as an NP for at least 5-10 years before I start doctoral work.