ON-LINE Masters Degree program?? Any good?

  1. Hi everyone! This is the first time I posted on this particular forum.

    I am a good nursing student (all A's and B's) who is thinking of switching from my BSN private program to a hospital based program. I already have a BS. The BSN would have been my second degree. I am thinking of leaving the BSN program for many reasons... HUGE cost, poor teaching, worst NCLEX pass rate in state, etc.

    If I go to the hospital program, I will have a diploma when I am done. With my previous degree and RN diploma, can I go on-line and do a Masters Degree?? How reputable are they? What do employers think when they see a RN with a Masters degree from an on-line Internet school program?? Does it matter?? I wanted to get your input. Thanks!!! Epona :spin:
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  3. by   llg
    It depends on the school. Many reputable schools offer BSN/MSN programs for the graduates of diploma programs or ADN programs. The students take some of the courses and are granted the BSN while they continue on toward their MSN. That's usually the way it works, though there may be a few schools that don't bother to officially grant the BSN degree as part of the total program.

    How it will be viewed depends on the reputation of the particular school. If it is a reputable school, then very few people would have a problem with going that route. If the school has a poor reputation, then knowledgable people will view its graduates accordingly.
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  4. by   Epona
    Thanks llg!! Wow. Well the BSN school I am currently at has the worst NCLEX pass rate in the state. I am a good student and was an honor student when getting my first degree. So I am managing to hold on. The diploma school I am considering has one of the best NCLEX passing rates in the state (100 percent). You mentioned "If the school has a poor reputation, then knowledgable people will view its graduates accordingly." Yikes. I am hoping they would not judge ME by that. But the BSN school does not have a very good rep. Guess going to the hospital-based school would be a better choice. They have a well-known, good program. I WANT A SOLID RN EDUCATION. That is VERY important. I want to be taught and learn. People's lives are in my hands. You HAVE to know what you are doing.

    Thank you for your insight!! E
  5. by   heartanimal
    I have a friend who graduated from a hospital based program and she loves it. I too have a degree in something else and I am graduating this May with an ADN. She is getting her masters degree online now. She did the bridge RN/MSN and she said that its ok she also works fulltime.