NYU BSN to DNP or MSN then DNP

  1. As I prepare to return to graduate school, I would ultimately like to earn a terminal degree in nursing.

    My primary school that I want to go to is NYU, but they do not have a BSN to DNP program.
    However it is a program in the making.... but when is the question?

    Do you think I should find another school that has BSN to DNP or stay with NYU and work towards my masters then apply for DNP?

    Hope this question makes sense!

    Any recommendations would help... Thank you!
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  3. by   youresocurious
    I know this post was from a long while back but I'm curious to see what you decided to do. Hope you still check this site out! Thanks in advance.
  4. by   clarix89
    I just found out that NYU is going to start their BSN-DNP pilot program next fall, so you might want to look into that!