NPs & NP students: how were/are your clinicals?

  1. Hello! I'm an RN & I'm working on a med/surg unit. I also just sent in my application for nursing grad school to get my MSN and become an adult acute/critical care NP to start next fall. I am very excited about the possibility of getting in & I know the classes I could be taking next year and the year after that (theory, research, advanced patho, pharm, health assessment, electives & the clinicals). My question to all you NPs and NP students is this: please, please tell me how you like your clinicals & how it is going so far for you! I'm dying to start this program (can you tell?! ) & I just want to hear stories of what you are doing in clinicals, and how you feel about it, etc. Thank you so much! I know that I'm a big nerd!
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