Northeastern University Direct Entry to Nursing Online

  1. Hey,

    My name is Angelica Colon. I was recently accepted into NU's direct entry online program. I wanted to know as much info about it as possible from anyone that is enrolled!

    -How is the program, do you guys like it?

    -Is it difficult taking online classes as opposed to in person ones?

    -How are you guys able to afford the program? (this is my make or break factor - I dont have any money and dont know if I want to be in debt for the rest of my life)

    -Once you get your bachelor's degree is it easy to find a job in a NICU having no work experience? I dont want to graduate owe all these loans and not be able to get a job.

    -Lastly, when you complete 2 years experience in a NICU after you get your bachelors do you have to reapply to for the masters degree or do you just continue along that path without having to reapply? (Because if you have to reapply might as well get my BSN from umass boston get 2 years experience and then apply to just the NU masters program I'll save 70,000 that way).

    Thanks for your time!

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  3. by   sj10125
    Congrats Angelica,

    I recently applied to the online track to begin in the fall. When did you apply to start and when did you apply this year. I hve not heard back yet from my advisor and still praying. I applied to the Mental health track. I know she stated that in the Neonatal or PMHNP programs you have to apply while in the program and get accepted to continue to the masters portion, only administration get to go through it to the masters without applying.

  4. by   acolon1
    Hello Samme,

    Thanks! That was very helpful.

    I applied for the program mid-January this year and heard back about 2 weeks after. There was no interview process my advisor just called and said I was accepted and that my formal acceptance will be mailed to me. They automatically enroll you into the administration track, I'm guessing that you choose your track while you're finishing up the bachelor's portion. I'm thinking of just going to UMB for the accelerated BSN program then just applying for the NU prenatal since you have to reapply anyways. It shouldn't matter what school you get the BSN from as long as you have the 2 years experience. I'm glad I could help!


  5. by   sj10125
    That may be your best bet since its much cheaper than Northeastern. I may apply to cheaper tracks as well since I have to reapply to go through to PMHNP. More applications lol. I can't believe they called you two weeks after. What was your GPAS like and health experience.
  6. by   acolon1
    Yeah the application process sucks! I'm a Bio major/ Chem minor and my GPA is a 3.5. I'm CNA certified and worked at the VA hospital for 1 year. I also have been volunteering at a rehab clinic for the past 2 years. How about yours?
  7. by   sj10125
    I'm no CNA. I was formally a paralegal and was a pre law student. I graduated with a 3.4 and struggled my first year. I have managed to almost complete all my Pre Reqs in under 6 months and have straight A's and A-'s so far. I have been volunteering at Dana Farber Cancer Institute and the Jimmy Fund for almost 8 months and was the President of the National Political Honors Society of my School and ran various campaigns on campus for Down Syndrome and Autism. That's as far as I go. Lol
  8. by   acolon1
    I believe your acceptance is heavily based on the prerequisites GPA as opposed to your overall GPA. Your chances of getting in are very high! Don't worry about it I'm sure you'll be fine.
  9. by   JA1001
    I know this thread hasn't been active in a while but I was wondering if anyone had chosen the NEU's direct entry online program? If so, overall, how is the program? Are you happy with your decision? I was recently accepted into a few accelerated nursing programs and am having a difficult time deciding which program would be the best fit. Thanks in advance!