Need Help with Application Question!Plese Help!

  1. Hi there! I am sending my application to Master Entry Program in Vanderbilt. There is a question I am supposed to answer, but I don't really understand it. It says:" What is your understanding of the responsibility of an adult learner in graduate level education?"
    Does the question mean your responsibility toward work and family, or the research and analysis graduate students do. I just don't really get it! Please help! I need to send the application withing a week and I am stuck. I appreciate any thoughts. Thank you in advance and good luck to all.
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  3. by   birthrevolution
    My interpretation of that question is that they want to know about the responsibilities of the student are when it comes to being involved in his/her education, for example, completing assignments, participating in classes, the types of contributions they make, extracurricular learning activities (lectures), etc. I do not interpret it to mean they want to know how you will balance family and school.

    Also, my experience has been that if you call the admissions office the staff are more than willing to help you out.