Need advice - CUNY screwing me over

  1. Hi all,

    This is a question for everyone, especially students who were already accepted to DE programs...
    Next semester is my last semester of pre-reqs, but I won't be able to register until sometime in January, probably not until the last week. Columbia sends out decisions in the first week of February.
    I will of course be sending in my grade for the class I'm taking this semester as soon as the grade comes in, in about a week. I have 3 pre-reqs left that Columbia requires.
    Will my lack of "Letter of Attendance" for Spring '07 negatively affect my chances of being accepted? If so, should I make an appointment with someone in admissions and speak with them about it? Has anyone been in this situation already?

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  3. by   May_baby
    I'm not sure I understand...but I'll take a stab at this situation.

    I am assuming that CUNY is the school where you would like to finish your pre-reqs? Andy CUNY won't let you register for Spring 07 classes until later in January?

    Here is some shocking advice: Don't sweat it.
    Yup, don't sweat it.

    Columbia sent me a letter of acceptance before I had completed ANY pre-reqs.

    If the cards (your GRE scores, etc.) are in your favor you'll be accepted.
    Your energy will be best spent trying to figure out how to pay for Columbia.
    I turned them down because they were about $30,000 more expensive than my alternative choice.
  4. by   cozzy66

    Thanks for the feedback! This makes me feel a lot better.

    Btw, that is my situation and CUNY (for non-NYers) means City University of New York.
  5. by   Mission
    I didn't finish my pre-reqs till after I was accepted into Columbia (had to take A&PII in the spring). As long as you pass all of them and get the grades into student services by July you are fine. However, my undergrad degree is in Neuroscience so I had taken MANY science classes, it may effect your admissions if you are a non-science major.

    On a side note, I think my education was worth every penny.
  6. by   cozzy66
    Mission and May_baby,

    Did you inform Columbia about having registered for those spring courses before they accepted you? Did you send them a transcript or a letter of attendance with those courses listed before they sent you the letter of acceptance?

  7. by   May_baby
    Hi Mary,

    I did not send Columbia any transcripts before I received my acceptance letter.

    On the subject of science courses:
    I was a history major as an undergraduate and then earned a graduate degree in Public Health. So I had very FEW science classes before my letter.

    Trust me, I understand your anxiety about this process.
    But please be kind to yourself while you wait.

    Take long walks, bubble baths, watch trashy TV shows, and enjoy life.
    If the worst happens, pick up the pieces, make a plan, and keep applying.
  8. by   cozzy66
    Thanks for calming me down a bit!

    I received some good news from CUNY, so I am expecting to register for classes in the next 3 weeks or so - hopefully!

    Good luck in your respective careers!