Mount Saint Joseph MAGELIN Program

  1. I am currently waiting to hear about admission into the MSJ Magelin program and I was interested in hearing from other students that are currently in the program or are graduates of it. I think the program looks great but I am nervous about the rigorous nature and if I could keep up. I am currently already in a traditional BSN program after struggling to keep up my grades while enrolled in an accelerated program. I am interested in entering a new, possibly more rigorous program because I think my grades were more due to the nature of the program I am in and that I hadn't known what to expect and how much work a nursing program would be. Now that I have a better understanding, I believe I could keep up but I'm still interested since it is an expensive program. If possible, what is the course load like and what is their retention rate? Pro's and con's? Thank you for any help!
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  3. by   kkmm2
    Hi @DeniseHill ! I have been looking at several accelerated programs around the country. When did you apply to MSJ Magelin program and have you heard back yet?
  4. by   DeniseHill
    Hi! I applied to the MSJ program for the January start date August 15th, had my interview August 30th, and then received my acceptance letter September 7th! It was all very fast and communication has been great! I've applied for several programs but MSJ was by far the easiest.
  5. by   kiknox
    Hi-- did they arrange your orientation yet? I was accepted for the May cohort to begin in 2018. Are you in state or moving from another state?
  6. by   Krisss
    Hi! I also applied to this program for the August '18 Cohort. Do you know if every applicant receives an interview or if they are highly selective?