1. I'm looking to apply to UT Houston's MSN-FNP program. I see that they take either the GRE or MAT scores. Which one would be a better choice? Has anyone been accepted and if so what are your stats, if you don't mind
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  3. by   llg
    I took both tests many, many years ago. I am sure they are different now ... but. I recommend getting a review book for both and seeing which test suits your strengths best. I remember the MAT as being quick and easy -- and almost "fun" to take -- because I have a strong background in vocabulary, have a lot of broad general world knowledge and am a conceptual thinking. Those skills are well-suited for an analogy test. But if those skills aren't your strengths and you do terribly on analogy tests, then the GRE might be a better bet. It has different sections that test different skills.

    Which test emphasizes your particular skills more? That's the one you should take. (Or take both and submit your best score.)
  4. by   UVA Grad Nursing
    I have took both exams many years ago. I also found the MAT to be 'fun'. I am fairly well-read, and I remember questions that drew on my knowledge of Greek/Roman mythology, English literature, and world geography.

    I echo llg's advice (as I so often do) to look into both tests more. There are numerous sample questions on the GRE's website at GRE. My guess is that you can find a sample MAT book at your local library as well. Try taking free test samples, and see which one best highlights your abilities. They focus and prepare for that test.

    Everyone's abilities are different, and what worked well for Jennifer might not be best for Thomas. Do your own 'test-drive'.