masteral degrees

  1. What's the difference with a Nurse practitioner, a Post MS certificate?

    ... and how does one become a Nurse Practitioner? Is it MSN and then another year (or so) course to be a practitioner?

    Those Masteral entry programs that takes about two years to finish, what is that, just a generalized MSN and have the option to do a subspecialty.. or..??

    What are nurses with subspecialty? are they masteral nurses also?

    Basically, can someone please explain the different masteral degrees out there, how many months/years of full time study it would take to achieve that, and if there's any work experience requirements to enhance one's application.

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  3. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Such degrees are "master's degrees" not masteral. And yes, there are differences. I am sure an advanced-practice RN with more qualifications to speak than I will be along to help you soon!

    Good luck!