Looking for ACNP programs in Michigan

  1. Hi All. I'm currently looking for ACNP programs in Michigan and would love input into the various programs--->good, bad, ugly, looking to hear it all! Thanks for your help.
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  3. by   juan de la cruz
    Currently, there are three Adult ACNP programs in Michigan:
    1. Wayne State University (http://www.nursing.wayne.edu/Academi...al%20Care.html)
    2. University of Michigan at Ann Arbor (http://www.nursing.umich.edu/academi...-surgical.html)
    3. Madonna University (http://www.madonna.edu/pages/MsnAdACNP.cfm)
    I attended Wayne State's program. You may IM me and we can discuss the program offline. I've precepted an ACNP student from University of Michigan and that's the extent of my knowledge of their program. I am unable to comment on the program at Madonna other than it is a new program.