Had grad school orientation today...already have jitters!!

  1. I just had my grad school orientation today and other than trying to stay awake during the presentations from campus police, etc, it was fine. I was all excited to start my NP program and feel ready and all that. But then I talked to one of the other grad students today and she asked me if I got the e-mail from one of the profs about the assignment to do before one of our classes this Wed. So I went and checked my e-mail, but there was no message at all. So I e-mailed my profs to see if we have assignments to do before the classes start and sure enough, two of them e-mailed me back and said they sent it to my school e-mail account. But I have been checking that e-mail account like 50 times a day and I never got the messages! So of course now I'm all scared and nervous and stressing about it. It turns out there are two slightly different e-mail addresses both for me on the school system because I used to work as a lab tech years ago and now I'm a grad student, but they never got rid of my status as a lab tech in the computer system, blah, blah, blah, ...So I e-mailed the computer people twice today saying I need them to make sure I only have one e-mail account and to erase all evidence of the second one so my profs don't get confused and send important info to the wrong one, cuz I can only access one of course. Oh geez! What a mess! Once I get back to campus on Wed it'll be ok cuz I will just ask one of the other students to forward me every school related e-mail (because I think there were so many e-mails that the profs couldn't remember what they sent weeks ago) so I'll be up to date. But geez, this has to happen and make me so stressed out before school even starts!
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