Graduate School Interviews -- Help!

  1. A couple of questions about graduate school interviews...

    1. Obviously you want to look nice and put together, but is this a suit-and-tie kind of thing or a slacks-and-a-sweater kind of thing? Does it matter the area of the country? I live in Portland, OR and have found that people here are *really* casual about dress, to the point where I've gone to a business-y meeting and felt overdressed because I wasn't wearing a fleece and khakis. Interview is also on the West Coast.

    2. What kinds of things do they ask? Is it like a verbal admissions essay or something different?

    3. Should I have questions ready to ask?
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  3. by   Lammy01
    I just had a interview and I wore black pants and a nice button up sweater. kept it simple. but, that was west coast as well. I think if I was doing NYC or boston it'd be a different story like you said.

    My interview was very casual with two professors and they were just wearing jeans and sweaters. where are you interviewing?

    Questions asked-
    why do you specifically want THIS school?
    what are your strengths/weaknesses (this one can be hard to think of on the spot)?
    what kind of experience do you have in the field?
    why do you make a strong applicant?
    why have you chosen to go into grad school now?and why this specialty?

    and yes you should have questions to ask- some good things to know-
    how are clinicals set up? are they with only nurse practitioners? or doctors as well? what kind of sites are there (outpatient vs inpatient)?
    do you have classes with other specialities?
    are Teaching assistant or research positions available for funding?
    what kind of support is available- advisors?
    what days am i mostly on campus?
    do most people work?
    --just some things i like to know...

    and most times i find interviews that went well are more just like a casual conversation...
    good luck.