Graduate Entry 2011 applicants

  1. I thought I would start a thread for anyone who's applied to start a grad entry program in 2011 to post about interviews, acceptances, etc. I've applied to the midwifery programs at OHSU and Seattle University, and I'm waiting to hear whether or not I will get an interview! It's getting close and I'm getting nervous. Anyone else?
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  3. by   mef06011
    hey areawoman, I applied to midwifery at Seattle U, Hopkins, and Vanderbilt. I'm just about losing my mind with the waiting!
  4. by   areawoman
    I'm glad I'm not the only one!
  5. by   mef06011
    definitely not the only one! i'm really excited, and nervous, and absolutely losing my mind waiting!
  6. by   areawoman
    Have you heard anything from SeattleU? I sent an email to the admissions department today asking if they'd sent out invites for interviews yet, but I haven't yet heard back.
  7. by   mef06011
    nope, nothing. All i know is that my app is complete and has been reviewed and passed on to the nursing school. From what I've read on their site and in other threads invites for interviews typically go out at the end of here's so a little more waiting. :/

    They're my first choice, I think, so I'm really nervous and I know all these programs are really competitive. I try not to think about it too much though. Hahaha.
  8. by   areawoman
    I heard back from SU this morning -- said they would be notifying those applicants who got interviews at the end of the month. I guess that's not too much longer!
  9. by   mef06011
    thanks for checking on that, I'll keep my fingers crossed for the both of us!

    What brings you to midwifery? It seems the more I ask that question, the more and more I get similar seems midwives are definitely a breed of their own!
  10. by   areawoman
    ahhh, what brings me to midwifery...where should I start??! hahahaha Part my own experience with labor and birth and part a firm belief that education and empowerment of women with regards to their reproductive health is the best way I can personally make a significant difference in the lives of women. How about you?
  11. by   mef06011
    heh, amen to that. Its a long story for me too, but here's the 10,000 foot fly-over:

    I was planning to go into maternal and child public health going into college and was really passionate about midwifery care and reproductive justice. I studied abroad in Cape Town my junior year and shadowed two independent practice midwives. They took me in and treated me like their student, and I was absolutely hooked. I had never seen women so in control of their bodies and their births and it was so amazingly empowering. I knew I didn't want to ever do anything else but show women they are powerful every day.

    It really was like a calling...and I assume its like that for a lot of people, not so much a choice but a "I'm not anything else but a midwife"
  12. by   TonieRN
    Ive applied to USI and will be applying to Frontier. Ap for USI went in last week....still one more essay to write for Frontier.....Hoping to start this fall. Start my stats class tomorrow evening. Who else is taking stats now??

    I think this is an awesome thread btw

  13. by   areawoman
    I took stats last fall -- not nearly as bad as expected
  14. by   areawoman
    Anyone heard anything yet? I heard from OHSU -- they told me they are no longer doing interviews, and they will not be sending out acceptance letters until APRIL! GAH! Still haven't heard anything on an interview at Seattle U. Good luck to all of you...I'll let you know as soon as I hear *something*