Filing FAFSA as both an undergrad and grad student classification

  1. Hi everyone

    I hope some of you have the same predicament as me and could possibly advise me on what the correct protocol is to go about doing this.

    I'm applying to the direct entry MSN programs (no previous nursing degree but i have a BS) and also ABSN programs. In the direct entry programs i'm considered as a graduate student and in the absn programs i'm considered an undergrad student (post bac or 5th year if you will). How do i go about filling out the fafsa???

    Do I first do the undergrad programs in one bunch, submit that fafsa, wait until that is processed (2 weeks). And then go in and change my classification to graduate student and erase the previous "undergrad programs" and replace it with the programs i'm considered a graduate student in and resubmit the FAFSA only to those programs? Is that possible? I don't want my undergrad programs getting those corrections that I am now a 'graduate' student (if that makes sense). Please help!
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  3. by   blackbird singing
    Oh hey, danceluver! I just put figuring this out on my to do list. So I will be sticking around to see what people say about this one