Fall 2012 Graduate School roll call !!!!

  1. HELLO!

    I saw this done in a 2011/2012 post. And wanted to start it for all the 2012/2013 accepted Graduate students! So JOIN this thread for some fun!

    1. Name the school you will be attending
    2. Degree you will be working on (including specialty)
    3. Whether you will be working full time or part time or quit
    4. Will you be attending school part time or full time
    5. General Feelings.
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  3. by   illcleff
    1-- Drexel University
    2---Psychiatric Mental Health NP
    3--Working full time 3) 12 hours shifts --Emergency psych nursing
    4-- Will be in school Part time
    5--Anxious but happy at the same time. Can't wait to start this journey
  4. by   yvfair
    1) UTMB in Galveston TX
    2) MSN in Nursing Education
    3) Working full-time (Cath lab/IR recovery Mon-Fri. 7a-3:30pm)
    4) In school part-time
    5) Excited but nervous!!! I know that my plate will be full!!
  5. by   illcleff
    Yay!!!! Congratulations yvfair!!! I know there is more people out there. Hopefully this helps us find classmates.
  6. by   rachelaleanRN2B
    1. The University of South Alabama
    2. DNP Dual Family NP and Adult Acute Care-Gero NP
    3. Working Full Time
    4. In school Part Time
    5. Excited, but a little scared
  7. by   iteachob
    1. University of Kentucky. 2. PhD. 3. Full time faculty at another University 4. School part-time. 5. Mostly good, slightly ambivalent
  8. by   carolina1969
    1. Chamberlain College of Nursing
    2. MSN in Nurse Executive/Leadership and MBA from Keller Graduate School
    3. Working full time
    4. School part time
    5. Excited but ready to get it over with!
  9. by   JustinAllen
    1. University of Colorado
    2. MSN Nursing Informatics
    3. Working full time
    4. School full time
    5. Would have loved a longer break between degrees, but excited!
  10. by   babykidrn
    1. Maryville University
    2. MSN Family Nurse Practitioner
    3. Working full time in ER
    4. School online program, clinicals second year
    5. Very excited, scared, and stressed.
  11. by   illcleff
  12. by   baldwina1015
    1. Maryville University-Aug 27 2012
    2.MSN Family Nurse Practitioner
    3. Working 32 hours Skilled Nursing Home 3-11
    4.Online Program (Rhode Islander), clinicals second year
    5. Excited would love to meet others in my class, nervous about work load and essay writing lol.
  13. by   dmpearce
    Probably working full time (3x12's)
    Probably attending part time
    Wicked excited, can't wait to get started!
  14. by   IloveShay
    1. Drexel University
    2. MSN in Nursing Education and Faculty Role
    3. Work full time
    4. School part time
    5. Nervous about school after so many years, but excited about the move forward!

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