Do I have to be published to get into a PhD Program?

  1. I am strongly attracted to the idea of getting a PhD... my mom is a professor and the desire to teach runs deep in my soul. Yet everytime I browse my alma mater's website (University of Maryland), all the current students already have what seems like a million publications under their belts. I have exactly zero. (ooooops). So, what's the verdict? Can I get in without a laundrylist of articles attributed to me?

    I am still debating between the PhD and law school...
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  3. by   llg
    No. Many students enter PhD programs without having previously published. However, it helps to have a record of high achievement. Also, different schools have different standards and different cultures ... and attract different types of students. It may be that the University of Maryland (as one of the most respected schools in the country) is highly competitive to get into and those applicants with publications have an advantage. You'll have to talk with someone at that school involved in the admissions process to find out about that for sure.

    However, if you really want a PhD, check a variety of schools. Find that one that fits you the best. They really are not all the same.