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Anyone on here applying to direct entry MSN programs that begin in summer or fall of 2013? I think I have finalized my list of programs to apply to, and I am beginning to get everything together to... Read More

  1. by   kdiem
    My most detailed personal statement is Penn's. I'm using this as the main statement but definitely tailoring it to make sure I answer all the questions for the other schools. I might qualify for waivers too but I think it might take too much time so I'm also paying out of pocket. My resume is 2 pages long. 4 pages does sound a bit long... but if you think it's all relevant then it'll probably be okay!
  2. by   morganw1
    My resume is a page and half long. I think two pages is the "normal" amount so I'm just under. I think I read on some school's website that if it was over 2 it wouldn't be read. It was just that one school though ( I can't remember which one). If the school says it's okay I wouldn't worry. They will probably ask you about most of the resume in an interview anyway, I don't see it as a huge red flag. I will have to tailor Yale's down to other schools or vice versa. Thanks you guys!
  3. by   hopefulnurse24
    Hey guys. I cut it down to 3 pages, so I guess it's okay now, lol. Or at least, now it's better. It will be better for the next few schools I submit it to. I had gotten it down to 3 pages for Marquette also. morganw1, do you remember what school it was? I think it probably was Marquette. I don't think they do interviews =/

    I cannot fathom spending $120 for a school application. That is absurd! OHSU... is that the school in Oregon, or Ohio State? Ohio State has a program also, but they have strange prerequisites that were hard to meet (CNA course, pathophysiology, pharmacology, etc).

    Is anyone else getting really exhausted with all of these applications? Writing so many essays, and constantly thinking about things to write can really burn you out.. lol. I'm glad I'm getting everything done early though, because this semester is already beginning to be insane and I know that if I had waited I would have been even more stressed!
  4. by   kdiem
    OHSU is Oregon Health Sciences University. They have the #1 midwifery program in the US so I wanted to give my try at it. Plus, I'm from California so Oregon is close by. There are some other schools I didn't apply to because there were too many prereqs like patho, pharmacology, speech etc. Typically students take patho and pharm during their first year of the accel bsn/rn portion, so I'm guessing those schools that require that might be "extra accelerated."

    I have been mentally drained from the application process. I feel more stressed out trying to keep up with which applications are opening and which ones require hard copy/electronic copy submissions of LOR/apps. I really wish there was a centralized system for all nursing schools. Then we could just have a letter service and submit everything all at once! I am also trying to have everything done by mid-October. That is... until UIC and NYU's applications open up in January.
  5. by   morganw1
    I want to say it was Yale because they are clear on following directions. I did look into applying to Marquette awhile back but it doesn't ring a bell with the resume. If I come across it I will definitely post it hopeful. I'm just drained from studying the GRE. The applications are terrible too but getting them out of the way is a relief. I'm applying to NYU at the same time kdiem, so looks like we can go through that together. It seems a bit easier, no GRE but I know they require TWO applications which is a pain. The hardest part for me about the app is the goal statement and conveying concisely why I want to be a nurse.
  6. by   JP999
    Is anyone else applying to BC? Am I right that there is no way to submit your resume/cv on their application? I can't imagine that's the case but I can't seem to find a place for that anywhere...
  7. by   kdiem
    I haven't submitted my app for BC yet, but it doesn't look like they require a formal resume outside of the "professional experience" you can list on their online website. Maybe we can submit our resume with our personal statement+LOR hard copies?
  8. by   hollysf
    Hi everyone!I am new to the thread and I am very happy to have found it. I have been posting on specific program's forums in a sad attempt to get them more active, but I guess everyone is over here! I am still in the process of applying and I am taking the GRE next weekend (eek!). I think I have narrowed my list down to Columbia, Yale, Johns Hopkins, Vanderbilt, UPenn, NYU, and University of San Diego. I apply to Midwifery and WHNP programs. I also started applications for Boston College and University of San Francisco, but I am not totally sure if I should apply. Most of my experience is using my postpartum doula training to work with LGBT families who are trying to conceive. I addition to that, I have been interning for a midwife who specializes in working with queer families. I also just finished up some research that I am contributing to a book about the politics and restrictions surrounding LGBT access to tissue banks. I think all of this is relevant and very close to the work I would like to continue after I graduate. I know that both BC and USF are Jesuit universities, do you think my career goals/experience is too far off from their values? Do you think applying is a waste of time? I have asked several people about this and I always get mixed responses. I need advice!
  9. by   morganw1
    neither USD or USF have a midwife or women's health option. would you still apply even though they don't? seems like it would be a waste of time to apply to a school that doesn't offer the program option with all of your experience. I think you should apply to BC still, I highly doubt they would reject you because of their values and regardless everyone needs healthcare LBGT or not. People are people and I'm sure the program admissions understand. They are also looking for well rounded applicants who have various experiences. If I were you I would definitely apply. I hope your GRE went well!
  10. by   hollysf
    Yeah, that's what I'm thinking too. I live in San Francisco right now, and I'm originally from San Diego and so that's why I'm considering applying to their CNL programs. I figured I could still make really great use of a CNL degree and I could just go into a post-masters program for Midwifery of Women's Health if I wanted to. I think I am just slightly panicking about the possibility of being rejected to all of the programs that I apply to, haha. I'm trying to give myself plenty of options.
  11. by   hopefulnurse24
    Late response, sorry...

    That would make sense about Yale and the resume length, I think I actually remember reading that.

    I have decided to apply to NYU, probably in lieu of UPenn, but that will be decided for sure next Wednesday after their online chat. (Did you guys get the email about registering for it? It's next Wednesday at 7, and you can register now for it! I'm going to ask about the GRE scores then). NYU is not due til March 1st, from what I remember, so I'm not in a huge rush to complete it. I wanted JHU done and Marquette, Northeastern, and Duke, also. Duke is almost done, and I sent in Marquette. I'm almost ready to submit Northeastern!

    I didn't know USF and BC were Jesuit schools... Marquette is, also. I don't foresee wanting to work with LGBT being a deal breaker with regards to admission. They're looking for a well-rounded applicant who knows what they want out of their nursing career, and I think they'll find that cool and it'll certainly set you apart in a good way! Sometimes I worry I don't have enough of a story, even though I have a lot of experience. I know I want to work in pediatrics, and have had a lot of experience to prove to me that it is the area where I belong, but I don't have any particular disease I want to advocate for, or any specific population in pediatrics like adolescents and whatnot. So, I think it's definitely great that you know for sure what you want and what you want to do! Good luck with the GRE!
  12. by   hollysf

    I'll see you in the UPenn chat on Wednesday night! Thank you for the words of encouragement
  13. by   morganw1
    see you guys there too!