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Anyone on here applying to direct entry MSN programs that begin in summer or fall of 2013? I think I have finalized my list of programs to apply to, and I am beginning to get everything together to... Read More

  1. by   hi616
    KoKe- I PMed you
  2. by   Keats717
    I actually called Vandy and asked on Thursday and got my decision. They said I got in, but were sending my letter this coming Tuesday. I think if you submitted your application before December 1st you can call them anytime and they can give you an answer.

    I live in Boston (well Cambridge) currently and I will tell you that you can get apartments anywhere from $500/month (in some of the surrounding areas like Chestnut hill, Cambridge, Brighton and Allston) to $2000 (if you want to live in the middle of the city - Beacon Hill, Back Bay, South End). As BC is a little outside the city, I would suggest looking for apartments in the brookline/chestnut hill/Brighton/allston near the school itself. You can definitely find nice inexpensive housing in the area. Check Craigslist for those listings - i am nearly positive you'll find something in a good price range - just stay away from back bay or beacon hill listings even though those apartments are very pretty.

    I appreciate everyone's notes about the different schools - I am currently deciding between Vanderbilt and BC as well, but haven't ruled out Columbia yet.
  3. by   hi616
    Keats, Thanks SO much for the info! I've looked on padmapper which pools craigslist listings, but not knowing what neighborhoods are safe made it hard to determine exactly what price ranges are.
  4. by   Keats717
    Yeah definitely look to those neighborhoods! You may find more safety alerts around the reservoir (cleveland circle in Brookline) because there was a BC student that drowned in there last spring - that being said, I have friends who live right in that area and they have never run into any trouble at all!

    Anyone got a pros and cons list started for MGH yet?
  5. by   Keats717
    Oh and hi616 - could you tell me why youre leaning more towards BC than Vandy

    Im a new user on this and so I cant actually write personal messages yet
    sorry guys - but soon I will be able to!
  6. by   Keats717
    And Koke

    Why are you also considering Vanderbilt? I have this weird gut freeling about going to vandy, but I cant figure out why - so right now im trying to write down some solid reasons for both schools
  7. by   hi616
    Keats, sent you a message too!
  8. by   Keats717
    Hey Hi616

    Just saw your message! Thank you so much for that! I totally agree with you on your points! I'm thinking of flying down to Nashville for their orientation session March 1st - were you thinking of going down then?
  9. by   hannahzp
    Keats717 did you get the email from Vanderbilt on Friday saying your application was still under faculty review?
  10. by   hi616
    If I get in, I'll consider a last minute trip down. I actually visited the school in December already so at least I have some kind of basis for judgment.
  11. by   Keats717
    No I didn't actually - I called them on Thursday and explained that I had to make a decision soon and they told me I had been admitted and they were in the process of sending out my admissions decision via mail
  12. by   Keats717
    That's right - you mentioned that hi616... What did you think of Nashville as a city? Im used to Boston where I walk out my apartment and rely completely on public transit
  13. by   hi616
    Funny you mention public transportation because that is the first difference that comes to mind. I, too, am used to relying completely on public transit. Nashville has city buses, but no subway or train system of sorts. I'm not really sure how often the buses run. I would probably have a car if I lived there I think.

    I've never been to Boston, but I've asked people and they seem to think it has more of a city feel than Nashville even though they have similar populations. You definitely can't beat the live music in Nashville though, that's for sure!