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Anyone on here applying to direct entry MSN programs that begin in summer or fall of 2013? I think I have finalized my list of programs to apply to, and I am beginning to get everything together to... Read More

  1. by   kdiem
    Okay, I called Vandy... there are interviews for certain specialties. For midwifery folks, the representative said the faculty just received our applications. We should hear back in a couple weeks and will have interviews probably sometime early February.

    Meep, are you still waiting for other options? Or is Emory a top choice?
  2. by   meep05
    It is def. one of my top choices bc my parents live in ATL and its a great school and the job market for nurses is not too bad in ATL. Penn and Columbia are my other 2 top choices ( if I get in) Emory is def. cheaper. It is honestly going to be about Financial Aid ! Bc for the most part it really doesnt matter where you go. If I got into BC I would have to think about going there too because of fast it is! Is Emory one of your top choices?
  3. by   kdiem
    I have many top choices. But since I'm from California UCSF is a top choice, but I'm excited to move to the east coast too. My boyfriend is also applying to medical school so that is a determining factor too. But really, I just want to get in somewhere!
  4. by   lizz123
    Does anyone know around when we'll hear the admission's decision for BC's program?
  5. by   kdiem
    I have down mid-February, but I'm not sure where I found that information. I can't find it on the BC website.
  6. by   hopefulnurse24
    That's so exciting that people have started to hear already! I'm excited to hear back from Duke about interviews, and Penn regarding an admission decision. I'm nervous, but excited! I just want to know where I'm going to get in already!

    Something else to think about when deciding on a school to attend is also where you'll be licensed. For example, Maryland and North Carolina are compact states, meaning if you're licensed there you can work in around 24 other states that have this agreement as well, without having to pay to become relicensed. So if you went to Johns Hopkins or Duke, you'd be licensed in their respective states which are compact states as well. However, if you got licensed in Pennsylvania, you'd have to pay to get relicensed to work in any other state, since it isn't a compact state. Does this make sense? It can also make applying for jobs quite complicated and can really slow down the process, as many hospitals want you to currently hold the license for the state the hospital is in at application time.
  7. by   SMB13
    Hey meep05-

    If you still need the Dev. Psych course, I took mine at a CC in California. Not sure where you live, but the resident rate is $46/unit and nonresident rate is $190/unit (3 units) plus enrollment fees. It's an online course that only lasts 8 weeks, from 03/25-05/22. Since Emory starts in May, you might want to check if they'll accept it. It's easy too with just some required discussions and online tests. Look up Allan Hancock College, PSY 118. Good luck!
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  8. by   funfunfun550
    Excellant Program!
  9. by   kdiem
    Accepted into Emory! Midwifery specialty. Actually got the phonecall yesterday but I didn't check my home phone! Ahhh!
  10. by   hopefulnurse24
    Congratulations, kdiem! That's awesome and so exciting for you that you have an acceptance! When is the deposit due? And what is your first choice?
  11. by   kdiem
    Thank you so much Hopeful! It is a big relief to have at least one acceptance. They haven't sent me detailed information yet, but I read from an old forum that it was due on March 1st last year (only $250 thank goodness). They also have a student open house for accepted applicants on February 8th, so I might end up attending that to get a better idea of the school. I've been to UCSF's amazing campus and Penn's interview day definitely blew me away. I would love attend those two schools, and Hopkins was really nice too (minus the fact that I'm having a total of 4 interviews with them). Emory's program looks awesome too, but I really have to do more research!
  12. by   meep05
    Congrats! I would be coming for California too and right now plane tickets are so expensive to ATL, but I really want to go! Emory's campus is beautiful and Emory hospital (the one on campus) is a large academic medical center and it is a really good hospital. ( I did a clinical rotation there.) I don't know much about the program either. Do you know how big it is? Do you know if we are able to do the MSN portion part-time?
  13. by   kdiem
    I don't know the details of the program since we didn't have an info/interview session. But I just saw on the website that midwifery and acute care master's portion can be done part-time. I've never been to ATL so this is all new to me!

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