Direct Entry MSN Programs in Houston, Texas

  1. Are there any Direct Entry MSN Programs in Houston, Texas? Tonight is my first time hearing of such and from what I am read I am really interested in finding out more about the programs if any.

    Thanks in Advance
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  3. by   rnav32
    I'm here in TX and I haven't been able to locate any DE NP programs here in TX. I am working on my pre reqs currently and reconsidering entering a DE program. I called a few of the hospitals in the state and a lot of the recruiters had not heard of the programs and some said they wouldn't hire any DE NP programs. I still haven't my up my mind either way, but I have to decide one I finish up my prereq classes. I'm sure you the big names in the DE NP programs like UCSF, UIC, and John Hopkins. I wish we had some in TX and I hope in the future there will be some.
  4. by   rnav32
    Sorry about the spelling. Tonight is the first night I have posted on the forums although I have been coming to the site for about a year. I need to figure out how to use the spell check!
  5. by   earthlynurse2be
    Thanks! Looks like I will just stick with the RN route since I don't think we will be leaving Houston anytime soon.
  6. by   soso
    The only school in Texas that has an Entry Level MSN program is UT Austin.
  7. by   rnav32
    Thanks Soso, I guess I overlooked it since I was not able to locate one here in TX? Do you know anyone who has gone through the program? If they did complete the program, did they get hired as an advanced practicing nurse or did they have to work as an RN for a while to get some experience?
  8. by   soso
    Sorry, I don't. I just "kinda" relocated to the Houston area (Katy-bought a house). I'm still in California working. I've applied to Kingwood College for the Spr 08. I still may apply for UT Austin's direct entry. I need to take the GRE soon, deadline for application is December 1. I also have to take Pharm and Genetic (BYU online). This program doesn't give you the option of obtaining a NP license. You specialize in one of the following: Holistic Adult Health (Clinical Nurse Specialist), Holistic Adult Health (Administration Track), Holistic Adult Health (Teaching Track), Nursing Systems, Parent-Child Nurse Clinician or Public Health.

    Have you thought about the Accelerated BSN programs? There are three in the area; UTMB, UT Houston and TWU (even years only-apply by Nov 1). I may apply also but I don't have a clue as to how I'm going to pay for it since I've maxed out on my undergrad loans and private loans are out.

    Good luck
  9. by   rnav32
    Soso, I am actually looking at applying at an accelerated BSN program where I am located. That was the original plan until I started reading about the direct entry msn programs. I didn't even know the school I was looking at offered an accelerated BSN program. My main issue is time. I know some folks gauge peoples's age and say your still young, but the bottom line is that I still need to accomplish a few goals and time is of the essence for me. With the direct entry msn, I see a commitment of three years which isn't to bad. What I don't want to do is go to school and then have to return once or twice more. I do think that the direct entry msn will save money in the long run since the price of tuition seems to be increasing year after year.