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  1. Hello everyone. This is my first post ever, but I've been reading this forum for months! I'm a prospective Entry Nursing student. I will be graduating with my bachelor's degree in Human Biology from an ivy in May 2007. I havea 3.5 GPA overall and 3.7 GPA from the last 2 years. My university has sucky guidance on nursing (everyone's so med-oriented).

    I just took my GREs today. During my practice exams, I've been scoring above a 1290. I think I freaked out today and messed up a lot. I got a 1250 (550 V, 700 Q). I'm not sure how competitive (if at all) these scores all. I know that the nursing programs aren't necessarily looking at numbers only, but I'd like to know my chances. My top choices are UPenn's BSN/MSN, Duke's accBSN, Yale's GEPN, and Vanderbilt's entry MSN program.

    I feel completely nauseated right now, and I'm seriously considering re-taking this exam (though the $$$ is a huge factor). I've studied so hard for it! I guess it would help to know some successful applicants with =< 1250 who got accepted to these programs.

    Thank you for your input!
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    i sent you a PM
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    I don't think you have anything to worry about. The GRE is just one part of your application, first of all -- and honestly, I think it's a relatively small part, ie, many Direct Entry programs don't place a gigantic emphasis on standardized scores.

    Second of all, those scores are fine! From what I've read in various schools' FAQs, they consider "competitive" anything in the 450-550 range (per section); and check out that Quant. score of yours! That's WAY above the typical profile for acceptance!

    My gut feeling is that, as far as the GRE goes, the difference between a decent score vs a stellar score on your apps is negligible. If you were bombing out -- and by this I mean TRUE bombing, not the perfectionist's notion of "bombing" (which is anything less than perfection! And I am not passing negative judgment here, as I totally include my own self in this category too -- I think we end up torturing ourselves and enjoying things WAY less than we could be/should be!), then maybe that would be an issue... but you're DEFINITELY not bombing out!

    Good luck!
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    Thank you so much! I woke up today and felt much better about everything. You're right - I think my perfectionist ego got the best of me yesterday. I contacted some admissions officers about this, and they were really helpful. Now I can move on to much harder things.... like writing my essay!
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    I have applied to Marquette University Direct Entry to MSN program. This program is for individuals with a Bachelors degree in any subject. I am currently an LPN and have been practicing for over one year in LTC and assisted living. I feel that I may have an advantage already being an LPN but my GRE scores are horrible. I was curious what my chances are for acceptance, be honest.

    B.A. Business Administration GPA 3.04
    LPN 3.76 GPA
    Straight A's in all prerequisites Chem 100, Chem 110, Bio 110, Anatomy 160, pHYSIOLOGY 161, mICROBiology 131, Organic Chem 201, Human disease 136
    experience LPN 1 year
    GRE HORRIBLE!!! verbal 400 analytical 430 essay 4.0

    Thank YOU