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Hi, everyone! I am getting ready to submit my application to CSULB's EL-MSN program--who else is applying? Also are there any current students or graduates from this program out there? What do you... Read More

  1. by   paurora9
    i took the WST at SJSU before I applied to transfer there and I'm hoping that they'd take the results for it...I'm going to ask tomorrow...i think its the same test, but different name
  2. by   levoila
    I'm registered to take it on September 26. I think you can register for that date until September 4. I don't remember which other dates were available. I just wanted to get it out of the way.
  3. by   pandora12
    Sheesh, I know the last post was from 2009, but several people private messaged me over the last 2 yrs or so asking what I ended up doing with the FNP program and what I thought about the program. I, seriously, could not find the button to private message back. Then realized....well, duh, I only put 2 posts on this site since then and I need a minimum of 15 post to post message back. I would be lucky if people even went back to this post to reread this message. After this post, only 12 more posts to go.

    I'm so sorry all!

    So, it has been about 2 yrs since I last posted about going through the FNP program. I ended up switching to the PNP track and loved it. I'm more of a peds person. I wouldn't have minded adults.....but the thought of doing physicals on adults and geriatrics and having to do pap smears gave me the shivers.

    Some of the classes I had taken before going to the Pediatric NP core classes I thought were taught ineffectively. Ex. taking pharmacology and pathophysiology in 6 wks each. Does CSULB really think we are going to retain all that info in a short enough time for it to actually be utilized in an effective way? Probably not.

    Overall, though I was glad I went through the graduate program there. I'm not currently working as a PNP, but as an RN. I still have to take the board exam and I'm sure it will kick my butt since I should have taken it within two months of graduating last year.
  4. by   ames3
    Hi Pandora12 - I can't believe you answered a thread 2 years later. I am starting the ELMSN program this fall (very excited!!) and was looking for as much info as I can on the program. I hope you wouldn't mind answering a couple of questions I have...

    1) do you think it's possible to work at least part time after the first 16 months, starting the masters portion? I have enough money saved to not work for at least 18 months. After that I'll be flat broke and don't want to totally depend on being able to get financial aid (ie loans) to get me through the last couple of years (my final goal is FNP).

    2) did graduating from CSULB help you in job hunting in any way?

    I have a family to support so the financial part of quitting a steady job and going back to school full time weighs heavily in the back of my mind. Any info you can provide will be greatly appreciated.
  5. by   JennNicole
    Hi pandora12,

    I also have some questions for you regarding the ELM program at CSULB. I attended the orientation in June and found it a little outputting... Based on your experience, do you feel that you were adequately trained prior to starting clinicals, or did you feel like you were simply "thrown to the wolves", so to speak? I have heard so many different things regarding this program and its manageability that my head is starting to spin slightly. Also, did you commute to campus or live nearby? I am planning on doing the former, and I have heard that other students have done the same and were reasonably successful, but from your own perspective, do you think it is realistic given the workload? Also, how many breaks do we get during the program? I recognize that we do not get much time to breath, but did you feel like you had any downtime at all to de-stress? I appreciate your input! Hope all is well!