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Hello, I was wondering if anyone here has recently done this program or thinking about attending. It is a 15 month program at the College of Mount St Joseph in Cincinnati. I applied and was set to... Read More

  1. by   Nursewannabe13
    I was looking into UC's accelerated program too and found the MSJ program...does MSJ's program lead you to be a regular nurse or because it is a MSN program- would it be more of managerial jobs of nursing?
  2. by   OhRN2
    You start as a floor nurse and you are called an advanced generalist. Because of your advanced degree history has shown you can climb the clinical ladder more quickly if interested. Or, you get several of your classes waived if you go back for a DNP or MSN advanced practice some you have taken them for your RN program.
  3. by   bananaducks
    Thank you so much for sharing that information! I am also beginning the program this May. As for the choose 4 of 8 book list: 4 are in print versions, 4 of them are E-books (at least that is how I read it). I got the first 4 on the list because I am definitely a physical-book kind of gal. Have any of you heard about the pre-assignment readings? Next week is orientation and they still aren't available on blackboard.

    OhRN2: I was perusing the Patho book. Do you remember if you guys went straight through the book (chapter 1-61) or did the professor pick and choose the chapters since the summer is accelerated? I just can't imagine reading/studying 1600 pages over a summer semester. Any and all information is appreciated!

    Can't wait to meet all of you guys at orientation!

  4. by   OhRN2
    Hi Bananaducks! The absolute best advice I can give to ANYONE is to study smart!!! You will get a list of required readings prior to orientation (hopefully you've gotten this) and this is what you should start reading (especially for your NUR 501 course). The instructor will DEFINITELY give you direction on what to study / what to read.

    Some advice from my perspective - and this is me personally, everyone needs to find their own groove - I NEVER study from the books (excluding Health Assessment - and this is just to visualize the "normals"). Otherwise, it is just incredibly overwhelming. And this process has worked out well for me - I have a 3.9 GPA. For patho specifically, study the clinical manifestations and the BASIC pathology of each disease and this should take you pretty far.

    If you have any more specific questions - please let me know.
  5. by   OhRN2
    hope this helps!
  6. by   cmhk68
    Thanks for all the info OhRN2! I am starting on the 20th as well and am a bit in panic/excitement mode. We got our preassignments and HOLY TOLEDO - 30 Chapters! Big shout outs to my fellow MAGELIN classmates - next week it all begins!
  7. by   skeber2
    I have orientation tomorrow and was wondering how nice I should dress. I know they said casual but there is the class picture. so are a longer pair of navy shorts and a button up okay or do I need to wear pants? Would sandals be okay, or closed toed shoes, cause its going to be 85 tomorrow? Any helpful hints would be great, I just dont want to be under or over dressed!
  8. by   kespelage14
    OhRN2- Is Pediatrics the hardest part about the third semester? I'm in the third semester now. Were the projects for Leadership and Research graded tough? Thanks!
  9. by   Muffinmarf
    Hi guys! I'm starting this program in September. Im super excited to get started!
    I was wondering what I'll need in addition to books for the 1st semester. And appx cost?
    Also when should I start hearing about advance reading, etc?
  10. by   bananaducks

    You'll need a stethoscope and blood pressure cuff for Health Assessment but you can borrow one of theirs until the end of the semester. You'll definitely need one by clinicals. Book costs varied alot. I spent about $750, which seemed pretty average. Some people rented (which I don't recommend because you'll want to look through these as you go through clinicals) and some spent as much as $1250. It sounds like a lot but you use these books in more than just one class, and will reuse them in future semesters. They were really late getting us our advance reading list (which many were not happy about). Previous semesters got their about a month in advance of classes starting. We got our about 2 weeks before. It is possible to get through them all beforehand, but it is ALOT of reading. It does make you feel more prepared going into classes than if you don't do anything.
  11. by   Muffinmarf
    Thanks! What about the scrubs? Are they a uniform that you wear to class everyday or just to clinical s?
  12. by   2nurse1
    I'll also be starting this fall! Just wondering did everyone get that purple sheet of stuff we need to study? What is that exactly? And whats the best way to prep for it. Thanks!
  13. by   bananaducks
    Hey! You try on/order scrubs during orientation but they don't give them to you until right before clinicals. You wear regular clothes to class.