BA in unrelated field, advice needed please

  1. Hello. I would really appreciate some insight on my situation. I have a BA in an unrelated field and want to become an NP eventually. I work as a dialysis pct right. Anyways, does it make more sense for me to get an ADN first, then apply to become an NP? Or do an accelerated RN-BSN, which is rather expensive, so I am not taking this decision lightly. However, I have noticed many programs for NP require a BSN. Any advice or input would be greatly appreciated, thank you!
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  3. by   MauraRN
    I had a BA in Political Science, worked as paralegal for many years. Did LPN program full time, worked while doing Excelsior College ADN, taking NCLEX-RN at end of June, going right into MSN program. Lots if not most grad programs state that they will only accept BSN. Some schools are getting over themselves and are accepting BA & ADN. NYU is the latest. Excelsior takes us right into MSN, suggest a stats course if you don't already have it. I am trying to get the local state university to do the same for me, I really have no patience with the "you have to know how to do research" line. Of course I can do research, did it all as undergrad. If you see a program that you really want to get into, get someone up the food chain to hear you out. PM me if you like, I don't know where you live, but I know a lot about New England and New York.

  4. by   leilax
    thanks for the information! I cannot send pm's yet actually, but I have been reading the website a lot and it has SO much information, it is great. I am in the Ohio/Michigan area myself. I have a lot of the pre-req classes, but I signed up for some of the ones that I am lacking. I am also going to retake my gre and signed up for a refresher course. I went to a year of grad school (political science), but did not finish for various reasons. Anyways, thanks again