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    I'm sure many of you understand how difficult applying to an MSN program can be! I am currently applying to Ohio University's MSN Family Nurse Practitioner online program. I am looking for some opinions. I spoke to the admissions advisor, who said that they recommend community involvement to be on your resume. I did a lot of community activities in nursing school (I only graduated from my ADN 2 years ago), but must admit I haven't volunteered much since. A full-time job and working towards a BSN can get busy . I was wondering if anyone thought it was appropriate to include the community involvement I did in school on my resume, or if anyone had ideas for volunteer work for nurses. I don't have a lot of time, as I would like to get the application in by the end of this month. I appreciate your assistance!
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  3. by   SHGR
    Does the community involvement have to be nursing-related? I put weekly ESL tutoring on mine (and was accepted everywhere I applied). Otherwise, something like doing blood pressures after/between church services might be something to look into.

    Ha, it's harder for me to scale back on volunteering. Something always comes along.
  4. by   NJprisonrn
    I got my ADN Dec 2010 and just finished my BSN 2months ago. All of the community service type stuff on my application was done previously (2006, 2010, etc) and I got into my MSN program for this Fall. Then again, I suppose I did work at a prison. Maybe that counted! But really, I think what you did in school will suffice. It was semi recent. If you are currently working in nursing then I think that it's fine.
  5. by   BowHunterRN
    Thanks for your replies! I think I am going to put some of the activites I did in school, as they were only two years ago. I appreciate your comments!