APU ELM for Fall 2013

  1. I just applied to the Entry Level Masters program for Azusa Pacificu University and the deadline was November 1st....has anyone received a phone call for an interview? They are very vague on when you might hear something so I just want to know if anyone has heard....I have a 4.0 in all my pre reqs and a 3.7 GPA on my previous bachelors...I have no volunteer work so im curious if im still competitive or what you guys have going in as well that have heard...I dont know if its going through the pile thing, or if they call the people they like the best first? Im trying to be patient but I just need to hear something!!
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  3. by   KayT88
    I applied for Fall 2013 too. They were very quick to get back to me. I had my advising interview at the beginning of November and was offered a spot in their new Spring 2013 cohort soon after since there was some open spaces.
  4. by   mmcnabb3
    When did you submit your packet? I turned mine in a week before the deadline...what was your GPA etc? I feel like I have a strong packet but its disheartening to hear people are getting calls weeks ago and I have yet to hear anything. I even told my counselor I am available for any of the three campus locations.
  5. by   mmcnabb3
    Ok good news to all applicants.... I called to get more info and this is what I learned,The committee starts looking December 10th At all applicants and every applicant at least it's gets a phone call and then from there you get an interview and then find out after the interview but anyone who has received a phone call before December 10th is because they have finished all the prerequisites and can apply for a sooner cohort if they have slots available but if you have not heard anything it is because they have not started looking at the fall 2013 cohort applications yet. I was relieved to find out that no one has received phone calls and it wasn't just me...hope this helps for you too!!
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  6. by   Peteypie86
    After reading this I panicked thinking how could someone have already been accepted ... I called Azusa they informed me no one has been called or accepted that they havnt even reviewed the applications ... As stated before they will do so after December 10th So we can all breath easy knowing we are in the same boat still ,.. No one knows the status... Hope this helps ..
  7. by   KayT88
    I submitted my packet in the middle of October.

    My undergrad GPA was 3.0 and my prerequisite GPA is a 3.6 or a 3.7 (I still have a couple classes pending but will be done with them by the end of December). I feel like they looked at my packet as a whole because I am by no means perfect and obviously didn't get straight As. I spent weeks writing my letter to the dean and really focused on making sure they knew why I wanted to go to Azusa and why I wanted to be a nurse now. I was a clinical care extender and volunteered at another hospital as well, but don't have much medical/clinical experience outside of that. If you get to meet with Prof. Eslinger, she is the sweetest and is so encouraging. Every person I've had the opportunity to speak has been great and I'm looking forward to starting in January.

    Best of luck to you! Sorry if I got you nervous or confused about your admissions!
  8. by   mmcnabb3
    Congrats on your admissions KayT88! It makes sense knowing you submitted it in the middle of october, I think I was too close to the deadline for them to see my packet outside the masses at the deadline. I talked to the nursing department and they said they'll only call before the 10th for early cohort spots, I too am done in december for my pre reqs so hopefully there will be an open spot for spring/summer. Im glad you freaked me out because it made me call the nursing department, and helped me clear the air, because no one knew exactly the dates or what to expect. I wish the best of luck to you both.

    Peteypie86 let me know how your admissions go too! What campus are you applying to? I told them i can go to any of the three campuses but I would most prefer the san diego location....so if i get in and there are any O.C students that want to carpool, lets make it happen....seeing i get in of course haha. Ok good luck everyone!
  9. by   superfryk
    Heh- good news is: i got my denial letter within 10 days after submitting so if you were an obvious NO you'd have heard right away. :-/ sadly, despite a 4.0 in the lat 2 years of pre-req work my 2.8 from a
    BA in english earned in 1996 threw me out of contention. best of luck to everyone else!
  10. by   venusg04
    I also applied for fall 2013...would love updates as you guys get calls, interviews, and acceptance!
  11. by   mmcnabb3
    man that sucks im sorry! You would think with such strong pre reqs theyd look over a bachelors from so long ago. I hope you have better luck at other schools!
  12. by   mmcnabb3
    I got the call I have my interview this wednesday! Less then two days of a notice, and right after my chem test, so hopefully I wont be too frazzled for the interview!!! Wish me luck!
  13. by   venusg04
    Hey mmcnabb3

    You are interviewing at the SD campus??? Anyway good luck! It would be nice to hear what it was like after your interview
  14. by   KayT88
    mmcnabb3, Good luck on both your test and interview!!