Applying for AGNP / AG-ACNP programs

  1. Hello all!

    I am interested in applying to AGNP / AG-ACNP programs, but would like some opinions about moving forward. I have 2 years of experience on a cardiothoracic surgical step down unit at a level 1 trauma center and would eventually like to become an NP to stay on a similar step down unit, either cardiac surgicial or cardiology. I plan on applying in 2018 or 2019, so I'll hopefully have 4-5 years of experience prior to starting school. Do you think it is necessary to gain ICU experience to pursue AGNP / AG-ACNP to work on a step down unit? I believe it could only help but am aware it would add on more time from me obtaining my AGNP / AG-ACNP.

    As for programs itself, I noticed some require the GRE, some don't, and some are waived if your BSN GPA qualifies. I obtained a 3.80 GPA for my BSN. Would it harm my chances to not take the GRE if my GPA waives it?

    I've seen a few accelerated NP programs such as UPenn and University of Miami, can anyone attest to those?

    Any help to these questions would be appreciated. Thanks!

    And yes, I did post this on two forums in hopes of receiving more replies and opinions. Apologies in advance!
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  3. by   LifelongNursing
    Absolutely nothing can replace experience. However, will this gain you an edge in acceptance into a AG acute care program, more than likely not. Some are competitive, however, most accept you with decent grades.
    The extra experience will definitely allow you to network and set up possible preceptor sites more easily, as well as, feel much more confident in class and during your clinical rotations. However, never forget that you are there to learn. Learn everything you can.