Anyone with online experience at Cal State-Dominguez Hills?

  1. I am thinking about applying to grad school and have been looking at my on line options. I finished up my RN to BSN on line and originally started at Dominguez Hills. That was almost nine years ago now and on line schools weren't the rage they are now. I loved my instructors and found the classes to be very challenging. I ended up leaving the school because their system (at the time) was so disorganized. I finished 10 credits there and then went to UOP (which is a whole other can of worms). The truth is I learned an enormous amount in those 10 credits and if it weren't for the organizational dysfunction of the school I would have stayed. So my question anyone going to California State-Dominguez Hills now and is the school more adequately prepared for their on line students?
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  3. by   JaneyW
    I am in my third semester of the MSN-educator program at CSUDH. Yes, the on-line organization is very good. It is easy to navigate and I have had very little problem technically. I am enjoying the program very much and would recommend it. You can PM me if you have specific questions!