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I am writing to see if anyone has attended or heard good things about Maryville University's FNP program? They are starting a new online FNP program next year, but am kind of leery because I am not... Read More

  1. by   bvwatts04
    How did you find the course listing? I have been curious as to what the course load is going to be in the fall and what the classes are going to be. I couldnt even get into the bookstore through the website. Maybe I am not looking at the right places.
  2. by   baldwina1015
    Thanks for the great tip. Totally worth it if it is as good as you say. APA gets confusing. I think I will try it. I did not get a course listing, though I asked for it to get an idea of the work load and I guess they don't have one to give me. But I was given a class list with no order of where they fit in what semester. They had a May entry point and also this fall entry point (four times a year) so I assume the classes that the may students are taking will be the classes we also start with. I get this from the bookstore website
    online program
    then NURS and all the sections have the same books. There are four classes listed. I was told the classes are 8 weeks long and the semester is 16 weeks so I assume for the first semester anyways we are taking 2 classes at a time. I got a letter today in the mail saying I was accepted and that my adviosr will set up a time for me to talk to the program director soon.
  3. by   nursegirl2001

    A few days ago I too received an email from my advisor telling me that the director of the program will be conferencing with me pretty soon. Of course I will ask more questions then and am going to write them down as well. I understand as well that we have to take 2 classes at a time....I wonder if we have a summer break at all? If we don't that is fine I am just curious but ready with God's help, to get going with this endeavor. I am sooo grateful for the opportunity to be able to serve patients in a more advanced nursing professional role.
  4. by   baldwina1015
    I received my financial aid letter today. I had to access it through maryville access site. I only received federal loans for spring and fall. I don't know if this is enough money or not because it does not tell you how much the program cost per semester and it also says zero for summer and I don't know if I am taking courses in the summer. I am kind of annoyed because I have asked many times for a class breakdown so I know what I am taking and when and I keep getting the run around. I also feel like I am in the dark as to the details of the program and costs and how things will work. I wrote two email one to my adviser and the other to the student services center which which was the email on the letter. So hopefully I get some answers today. They want me to accept these amounts promptly it says or else I will be responsible to pay if it gets near the due dates, but how can I if I don't even know how much I need...its kind of crazy. When I was applying to undergrad schools I got in the mail from every school I was accepted a paper with an entire breakdown of everything. I mean I am sure there are fees and all of that, but I have no idea. I will let you know if I hear anything. Kind of disappointed that one I got no grants or scholarships from the school and also two that I didn't get more federal loan money. I hope the program does not cost much more than I got, but I believe it will because I was told $30,000-$32,000. I say that gap because when I applied it was $30,000 and then I was told $31,000 over the phone by another adviser she said they had increased the cost since I had spoken to the other adviser and then I received and then got an email from that same adviser with a $32,000 total. So I am confused. I was also denied admission to Cincinnati so this is my only option and I really hope things start to become more informal before I start spending that kind of money.
  5. by   baldwina1015
    okay well i got a prompt response from the student services center. i am going to share so you all can be informed as i am.

    [font=monospace]the award letter you received does not include the summer semester. the summer award letters are packaged separately. once students register for summer courses (which doesn't happen until spring), we process the summer award letters. the online nursing program should go year-round, but you can verify with your advisors the specific courses that you'll be taking each semester. the tuition for the 2012-2013 school year is $701.00/graduate credit hour. the total per semester would be approximately $4531 which does not include books/supplies. please let us know if you have any other questions or if we can help in any way. have a great day!
  6. by   baldwina1015
    You will get the welcome packet by mail that will outline your course schedule . This should arrive 6 weeks prior to the start of classes. Any questions regarding registration will be conducted by student services at the time of the welcome call which will take place on or around July16th. Thank you and have a nice day .

    I received that from my advisor, at least all communication was prompt, but still would like to have all that stuff now. Oh well I guess I will have to wait until july.
  7. by   baldwina1015
    also still would like to know for sure if there are summer classes. I don't know why I cannot get a direct answer about the courses.
  8. by   bvwatts04
    I am certain that there are summer courses. The program is throughout the year from what I was told and I am certain that in order to complete the program in 2 years that we will have to go to school in the summer.

    As far as class breakdown goes I am sure that they are probably having to manage where to put what students so there is no overload of students/professor ratios. I understand wanting the information now...I am a planner and want to get stuff in order before. So I guess knowing in the middle of July isnt too bad.

    I do however want to know about financial aid. I havent received my letter yet stating how much in loans I will qualify for, but I am now nervous if you dont think your amounts are going to cover it. If you dont mind me asking, how short do you think you will be? I know there is a lot of talk and controversy right now because as graduate students we can only take out one type of loan, which limits our accessibility to federal assistance.

    Sorry to hear about UofC, but hindsite is that program is a little more expensive and so if your financial aid is lacking here it might really be lacking there too.

    So glad that we will have eachother to bounce all of our information off of. Thanks for the info!
  9. by   baldwina1015
    I am fine with not knowing exactly in what semester I am taking a course, but I would hope they know what classes are needed in the first year and how many credits we take at a time or per semester. I only care not only because I am a planner also but because I also got a definite $701 per credit hour, but only several approximate costs per semester making me unsure how much assistance to take in loans, I don't want to be short or have too much. And sorry I should have told you that after getting the approx amounts per semester by phone and in the email above (which were both different) that I have more than I need per semester. But they package summer seperate and I am awaiting an answer on if we receive federal loans for the summer also, I didn't know If different rules apply for summer, only because in that case I will take the full amount to cover the summer also. Sorry I came on here to vent a little because I got nervous that I didn't have exact pricing and I wasn't sure if I had enough to cover it, but it looks like I will be fine in that department!!! I hate not to know every detail lol but especially when I was given these things from other schools before even applying. I also get nervous living in RI so far away that I can't just make a trip over there. This is the first time I have ever done something like this and the nerves are getting to me slightly. I also need to find out a deadline on accepting these awards because it says you have to promptly respond, but I would like to wait for the welcome packet where I will get all the specific information. Thanks for making me feel a little better lol
  10. by   nursegirl2001

    Just be glad that you got accepted. Once we graduate and are practicing, we can pay it all back and may even be forgiven for the entire loan amounts as healing professionals. Quit worrying!! Pray, believe, and know that God will take care of us. Let's just be grateful that we have enough drive to further our professional endeavors where others only dream...we are living proof of what happens when you desire to reach your goals and seek to serve and be happy!! God has got this !!!
  11. by   bvwatts04
    Love your thinking nursegirl2001!!!! So thankful to have positive people to go through the program with!!!
  12. by   baldwina1015
    I would love to get all my loans forgiven lol. I am really excited to start and can't wait !! I miss being in school, though I will probably not being saying that once we start lol. I am going to be working on getting my preceptors all lined up during this first year so that way hopefully I will be all set when the time comes. I hear that is the hardest part. Thanks for dealing with all my nerves and for the positivity !!!!
  13. by   smartypants31us
    i received a call from my advisor as well as a email confimation alerting me i have been accepted. im so elated. i applied at st josephs college last year and was denied.i believe that was the lords way of letting me know it wasnt for me and this is. im so thankful and mind is so frazzled right now, im thinking of so many things all at once.ive been school sick as well. i completed my BSN last july and felt pretty bored with my spare time since then. im just so curious about the format of the classes and how the feedback will be with the instructors. i know it will be a challenge but then again, achieving everything i have hasnt come easy.aaaggghhhh!!!!! super excited.good luck to others that are applying and i hope to network and meet fellow students to work with while completing my studies.