Anyone graduate from Rush?

  1. Hi I was wondering if anyone knew about the CRNA post masters certificate at Rush. Thanks in advance
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  3. by   Selke
    I graduated in 1989 from Rush with my BSN. I'm not a CRNA but know that it's about the top rated program in the country, I think according to US News school rankings. I worked at Rush in the late 1990s and at that time I heard that if you were a Rush employee you got free tuition in their graduate programs. I heard that many ICU RNs worked the minimum needed for free tuition while attending the CRNA program. I'm not sure about the certificate program, if they offer one. Have you checked out their website? I think there's a CRNA forum here, too -- you might ask there. Good luck -- I admire anyone who can handle the skill and stress levels of anesthesia!
  4. by   kitty9898
    thanks for the info!