Anyone else starting Western U's ADN-MSN program this fall??

  1. Hello to fellow grad students. I just accepted for Western U of Health Sciences ADN-MSN/NP program this fall and I'm so excited! Wondering if any one else on this board will be attending and if so, interested in buddying up? Let me know! Gingilly
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    Moved to the post-grad forum (vs. the GN forum) to encourage responses.
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    I am looking into Western adn to msn program as well. Do you know how competitive it is? If you don't mind can you let me know your stats so I know where I stand. I have to decide whether to apply straight to the entry MSN at Western or go to ADN first then to MSN route at Western. Thanks.
  5. by   Gingilly
    this will be quick as i'm out the door in a few minutes. average competitiveness. only 12 at open house. school is known more for its pa program per my md who taught there. having unusual background, lots of volunteering and leadership experiences helps- must do a portfolio of such experience in adn route. my stats were not too impressive- undergrad at csula 2.1 and forgot to apply for graduation in 89- busy traveling the world so no official bachelors degree. however early entry (14 yrs. old) and an honors student with 3.8 science gpa and 1.2 everything else....due to incompletes that went to f's. very irresponsible at that young age but lots of international activism in teens and twenties, speak several languages. managed to settle down few years later and finish med prereqs at ucla with 2.8 gpa while running business in allied health. still didn't bother to graduate. then did nursing program at a pretty competitive jc 3.9 gpa, finished at age 37. also lots of general ed classes at jc to raise cumulative gpa to an unastounding 2. 891- with well over 240 semester units over 22 years. hope you get the picture......i have a very strong leadership background in healthcare though which they really dug and was able to prove my seriousness despite not so great grades.

    if u have bachelors degree already why not go straight to dnp? you don't need a masters at some schools...not too many know this. vanderbilt for one.....or direct entry at western is fine. don't bother adn if you don't have to- i just am because its the highest degree i have.
    hope this helps
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    Hi Gingilly!

    I am an ADN program right now and I am planning to apply for Western U's ADN-MSN FNP program after I graduate and work for some years. I am planning to work for about one year as an RN and then apply for Western U's ADN MSN FNP program. Do you think working for a year is enough to get the nursing experience and then apply for the FNP program?

    How long did you work as and RN before you apply to Western's MSN FNP program? Plus, do you think the school cares for what clinical specialty an RN work in for the application?