Anyone applying to UIC's Graduate Entry Program?

  1. Is anyone else anxiously waiting to hear from UIC about the GEP program? It would be nice to know the other members who are biting their nails over the anticipation of receiving that letter! :spin:
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  3. by   w8ing
    Yes! I can't handle waiting anymore . . .
  4. by   cm180
    I am glad to see other people applying to UIC on this board. I just recently discovered it. Yes...the wait is agonizing. I hope they email us vs. sending letters. Good luck to you all!
  5. by   w8ing
    What specialty did you apply to cm180?
  6. by   illinipeds
    Is anyone applying for peds?

    Also, we should be getting e-mails by the 15th. It sounded more like we would be receiving them by this Friday! Good luck to everyone.

    Has anyone applied/been accepted to any other programs in Chicago?
  7. by   w8ing
    REALLY?!? I didn't know we were supposed to get emails too! So possibly only 1 more day. I applied for ACNP. Good luck to you too. Be sure to let us know when you find out!
  8. by   mvanz9999
    I applied to UIC as ACNP. (w8ing we must have been in the same room at the same time. LOL!)

    I was accepted to DePaul, but I'm seriously doubting that I'll go there even if UIC doesn't offer a seat. The tuition is just too outrageously expensive.

    They did say the deadline was May 15th. I'd not put too much hope in hearing anything before then.....
  9. by   cm180
    I also applied to the adult acute care program. It would be nice suprise to get an email. Before the 15th...even better.
  10. by   mvanz9999
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  11. by   illinipeds
    I'm guessing we've all heard from UIC by now so I will get the ball rolling on our news :spin:

    I was waitlisted for peds. Obviously not what I wanted, but I am surprisingly not really upset.

    I have a backup in DePaul and I have accepted their offer. UIC is still my number one choice so now I have to keep hoping for some peds to turn down the school

    Congrats to all those who were accepted! Best of luck and *hopefully* I'll get to join you in January
  12. by   w8ing
    I actually checked the post before my email . . . and . . . I'M IN!!!!! :roll
    I'm really sorry to hear that you got waitlisted, illinipeds. Hopefully someone will turn it down so you can get a spot.
  13. by   cm180
    [font='times new roman']i also got in to the acute care program. thank you for letting me know about the email! it certainly makes my weekend a lot nicer i have heard that peds and maternal child are very competitive...making the waitlist is quite an achievement. congrats to you both!
  14. by   illinipeds
    Congrats to both of you! Acute care is such a great specialty. Good luck in the first 15 months and beyond!