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  1. by   NrsCA
    CONGRATS!!! okay... thanks for the update!
  2. by   BerkeleyMom
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  3. by   sourpunchita
    hi everyone!
    im currentlyin the ucla mecn program. thought id share my experiences for those of u considering this school. dont know if you have received your decisions yet, but i was accepted w/a 3.9overall and 4.0prereq w/no volunteer (except way back in hs) or healthcare experience. i heard of a person in the program was able to get a 'c' in a science prereq and still get in. so i think it really depends on the overall application. apparently they told us they rejected some 4.0 applicants (for our last class) too, so its a real gamble!
    as for the program itself....nothing special. they say ull be challenged, but you really wont be. first qtr was soo easy (ethics, informatics, intro to mecn, health promotion). 2nd qtr still pretty easy (pharm, patho, research, secondary preven, hc systems). we're currently midway thru the 3rd qtr now--and still easy. i honestly thought it would be hard, but am sadly dissapointed. i also feel as though i have learned nothing. im not saying this is a bad program, just not what i was expecting.
    if i had to do it over again, i would have chosen one of the other schools where i was accepted. i only selected ucla bc i thought a new program/nursing role mite be interesting. this mecn role is a joke and its better to go into an np program.
    but i dont want to discourage those who are really looking forward to this program, bc it mite suit you better than it is for me. but if you have another option open, i would seriously consider that other school since this new nursing role is really up in the air and you'd be better off doing something where you'd know how much you'd make coming out of it.
  4. by   BananaBoat
    hello all! I am also a MECN student at UCLA but I have a totally different perspective from sourpunchita. ( are you sure your a MECN student?! are u even in any of my classes?????) I have to agree that first quarter was a breeze. HOWEVER, the last two quarters were challenging for us all MECN students. Our 4.0 GPA from fall quarter started to decline into the low 3.0 range. I have stayed awake countless nights trying to write papers, study for exams, and catching up on the assigned readings. (And no, I'm not a slacker!) It appears as though coffee will be my best friend for the rest of the remaining quarters at UCLA.

    WARNING: This program IS challenging. This program has caused me to stop working due to the immense amount of workload. No time to spend with family and friends. No social life.
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  5. by   sourpunchita
    BananaBoat, are u sure you're even in my class?? who are you? im curious now (what do we have due this thursday?) I'm not saying that I haven't stayed awake all nite studying--but thats only once, maybe twice a month. I dont know about you, but that is nothing to what i've heard from others who also attend a Masters Entry program (UCSF). So im not complaining!
    Warning: I just hope all the UCLA-MECN applicants don't fall into the 'UCLA is the best school' mentality. (Your class will most likely be filled with people who think this way...) If so, u too will soon realize this program is crap upon admission. Name doesn't mean anything. It's the substance that counts.
  6. by   RedHead85
    Wow, so many different takes on the same program! I'm still applying there, but it makes me worry a little considering some are calling it a "crap" program. Sourpunchita, was UCLA your first choice?
  7. by   sourpunchita
    UCLA was only my preferred choice bc I thought the new role/program would be interesting. Of course since it was new, I didnot know anything about the program, the classes, the goals...other than that it was some new role. I was also accepted into accelerated programs at CSULB, CSULA, CSUF, and CSUSJ. Those would have all been very good choices, and many of these programs are great ( I know a few people in some of them and they have all given positive feedbacks to me). Maybe crap may be harsh, but many of my classmates have a superior attitude bc they are in this program (mainly bc of UCLA reputation and desire to be considered 'trailblazers' in nursing bc of the new role), but if you step back and consider only substance/what u are taught, it is negligible. For example, CSUFresno exposes u into clinicals the very 2nd week of the program. The person who I know there has learned so much more bc she is on the floor, book learning and clinical reinforcement simultaneously. You get soo much more from learning that way than waiting close to a year to get into clinicals. and it is not as if we have been doing much in between. I can assure you i am not the only person who feels this way.
  8. by   ejlaca
    So much for sourpunchita not wanting to discourage anyone looking forward to this program, as everyone of her messages is filled with negativity.
    I too am in the program, and there are a lot of complainers in this program, because they wanted this nice yellow brick road laid out for them. The problem is that this is a new program, and you knew going in that there were going to be kinks. What these people don't realize is that is what the profession is going to be like as well. Every patient that walks through those hospital doors is going to be different, and need a different approach. And if you can't be flexible, you will never make it in nursing. I can say this from almost 2 years of experience in the ER at UCLA as a tech.
    I am one of those people who is extremely proud to be going to UCLA, and I don't think that is a bad thing.
    I am not blind to the issues that this program has, but instead of ********, I am trying to help make changes so that future classes will benefit from our experiences.
    Anyone who doubts I am in the MECN program, it is not difficult to figure out who I am. I am one of the guys in the class and you can figure out which one from my screen name. Feel free to come talk to me in person if you would like.
  9. by   NSFA08
    ejlaca... do u mind sharing what your grades were like prior to applying? also, do you have any pointers or suggestions about the application process? i'll be applying in the fall.
  10. by   ejlaca
    My undergraduate grades were not that strong, below a 3.0. However, in my personal statement I made them aware that those grades were between 13-17 years old. I was an immature 18 year old college kid at the time. Now that I am in my 30's and know where I want to go, I have gotten my act together. I had a 3.95 GPA in my various prereq courses over the few years prior to my applying.
    So the thing I have told people in the information sessions that I have spoken at, which is also told to you by the faculty, is that the personal statement is the single most important part of your application, hands down. That is not to say that a 2.0 GPA and a kick ass personal statement will get you in. But it will make a borderline GPA candidate more attractive. Remember, there are no interviews for this program, so the personal statement is the only opportunity you get to tell them why they should accept you.
    The other thing I had was healthcare experience. If you are applying this fall, the applications will be due at the end of December. That leaves you 6 months to get some kind of healthcare experience. This is important not only for your application, but it will give you an idea of whether or not working in a healthcare setting is for you. There are many volunteer opportunities available at practically every hospital, and most only require a 4 hour per week commitment. Before I began working in the ER, I volunteered in the ER. That is what really let me know that nursing was for me.
    Hope this helps.
  11. by   NSFA08
    thanks, ejlaca... this is extremely helpful. which hospital did you volunteer in? i've gone through the volunteer process at both valley pres and ucla, but haven't started yet.
  12. by   ejlaca
    UCLA, I was a patient liaison in the ER
  13. by   SparklyGirl
    I am going to apply to the direct entry masters program at Samuel Merritt this January. I just completed a semester of 15 units at Merritt Community College (Micro, Physio, and Anatomy) and am very excited.

    Anyone else applying?